• Sunday, March 24, 2024
  • Melbourne Grand Prix Circuit
  • Total number of laps: 58

Australia Grand Prix Circuit

F1 sports betting in Australia celebrates the oldest motor racing event in Australia in November when the hottest racers descend into the down under. The Australian Grand Prix is officially part of the Formula One championship starting in 1985, so F1 bettors will be familiar with it already.

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Australian Grand Prix Betting Odds

The F1 Vegas odds to win the Australian Grand Prix are not out yet. Once they are, you can guarantee we will have the F1 odds for Australia here, so you can compare the betting lines across top Formula 1 betting sites. The Formula 1 odds were last updated on July 4, 2024:

Remember to compare between these sites once their odds are up. This table of odds is useful not only because it shows you the favorite, and the underdog, but also because you can decide which of the sportsbooks you want to use, based on the one with the best value.

When reading F1 Australian Grand Prix betting odds, remember that the lower the value, the more of a favorite that bet is, according to the markets. This also means that you will earn less money for a winning bet slip, assuming your risk is the same. There is always this relationship between risk and potential payout.


Australian Grand Prix Betting History

The F1 Australian Grand Prix has been held 84 times since 1928. It has changed venues nearly a dozen times over the last century. With each change, different drivers and constructors have come out with the advantage.

Lex Davison, an Aussie, and Michael Schuhmacher are the most winningest drivers for this race, having won four times each.  Other favorites have not been as successful here. Lewis Hamilton, for example, has only won twice, and Sebastian Vettel three times.

In terms of winning constructors, things are even more lopsided. McLaren and Ferrari have won 12 times each. Williams is next with six wins, and then Cooper with five. As you can see, there is a big drop-off after the top two constructors. Keep this in mind if you want to make the best bets for the Australian Grand Prix.


F1 Betting Tips and Strategies for the Australian Grand Prix

Now that you have some of the most important aspects of your Australian Grand Prix betting research done, it is time to start thinking about your strategy. Having this clear ahead of time will help you make the best F1 bets when the time is ripe!

Bankroll Management

The backbone of any great Formula One betting strategy is bankroll management. Getting your finances in order will be the only way to properly measure the success of your strategy and bets. If not, you are walking in the dark.

The most basic system is based on a unit. This means that you always bet the same, fixed amount on each and every bet. This way, when you measure how much you have earned, you can know that it was not for wagering more or less, but rather for making even better bets than the month before.

Go Line Shopping

Once you decide which Australian Grand Prix bet you want to make, you still want to make sure you are getting the best deal you can. This means comparing F1 gambling lines across top sportsbooks.

There is no need to pay more for the same product. And the same goes for online sports betting. In fact, this is one of the main benefits of online Formula One betting.

In order to employ this strategy, you should sign up at more than one sportsbook right away. When you see the line you want to wager on, you want to be able to right away. If you have to go through the signup and deposit process, the odds may change in the meantime.

Follow Our Free Picks

A great way to prepare for the Australian Grand Prix betting is to follow our free F1 Picks. Even when they do not deal directly with the Down Under, you will be able to see how experts are thinking about F1 betting.

Plus, you will get to know the different drivers, the various constructors, and all the different types of F1 bets.


Picking Your Australian Grand Prix Betting Sites

Now that you have a strategy ready to go for the Australian Grand Prix, and have done some of the important research to get ready for the big race, you are prepared to sign up at some top F1 sportsbooks.

In order to carry out the line shopping strategy, you will have to sign up with at least two. That should not be a problem as the signup process should be very similar and will not take long. It is best to do this at the beginning, rather than at the moment that you want to place a bet.

That is because if you wait until the morning of the Australian Grand Prix and you find the best bet on an online wagering site where you do not yet have an account, by the time you sign up, sign in, and try to place the bet, you might have missed it already. The verification process can sometimes take a bit of time.

All the Formula One betting sites we recommend here are excellent choices. Plus, they will each have a generous welcome bonus waiting for you!

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