NHL prop bets are some of the most interesting betting lines throughout the hockey season. Many of the top bookmakers offer NHL prop bets, which can focus on all kinds of things but for the most part, they provide a betting market that isn’t based on the outcome of the game. The NHL has always offered great NHL betting odds, which is reflected in the prop bets on offer at US oddsmakers.



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NHL Stanley Cup Prop Bets

The Stanley Cup is the crescendo of the NHL season and always offers some excellent betting opportunities. With all the best teams competing for the top prize during the NHL Playoffs, be sure to tune in during this period. The odds were last updated on May 6, 2022: 

NHL Stanley Cup Prop Bet OddsBetUSBovadaBetOnline
Hart Trophy Winner Connor McDavid+200+200+210
Atlantic Division Winner Lightning+125+130+125
Metropolitan Division Winner Islanders+340+345+345
Central Division Winner Avalanche-210-210-220
Pacific Division Winner Vegas-185-180-180

NHL Player Prop Bets

There is a range of NHL Player prop bets to enjoy, so don’t just settle for the first ones you find. These are available on a game-by-game basis throughout the regular season and into the postseason. The odds were last updated on May 6, 2022: 

NHL Player Prop Bet OddsBetUSBovadaBetOnline

How to bet on the NHL Prop Bets

With so many different proposition bets to choose from it’s important to find the best NHL prop bets, that’s not to say you can’t pick player props just to add some entertainment to your viewing experience. But, we’d always advise focusing on looking for genuine value in the odds.

nhl prob betting odds

Bet smart

What does this mean? Well, it basically means focusing on the markets and not just wagering on things that look attractive, or staking on bets that the bookmakers are promoting. Bookmakers try to entice players and make them wager on the kind of props they’re promoting, but this isn’t a smart way to wager.

Be careful with unreliable props

Be sure about what you’re wagering on, don’t just take a glance at the bet and assume it’s going to have value. Check the odds against other props and see if that’s the right bet for you. Equally, check the sportsbooks; are they reliable? Do the odds seem genuine or unrealistic? Bet safe.

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Find value in the odds

With all prop bets, there’s something in the odds that’s valuable. Many prop bets look attractive and fun, but with background knowledge of the NHL, you’ll be able to quickly spot value. Check around various sportsbooks and prop bets for the NHL to find the best value on the market.

Manage your bankroll

Managing your bankroll should be a principle you apply to any betting market, not just prop bets for the NHL. So, what does this mean? Well, with props, we’d advise betting consistently. Regardless of the odds, no matter the type of prop bet, just wager the exact same amount every time. This is the way to manage your funds and remain consistent.

Line Shopping

This is another foundation of betting that all players should be aware of. No matter what betting market you’re interested in, be sure to shop around the various sportsbooks and find the best possible odds to suit your wager. Don’t settle for the first or even the second sportsbook you find, there are NHL prop betting odds at many bookmakers.

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Fun NHL Prop Bets

The NHL All-Star Game is the best place for NHL prop bets as the players and fans are really involved in the event and a lot less is at stake in terms of results. Moreover, there are loads of celebrity appearances, as well as old veteran players in attendance. We would strongly advise tuning in for the All-Star game if you want some fun way to wager with NHL props.

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