• 60th NHL Draft
  • July 7-8, 2022

For those NHL bettors looking to bet on the NHL draft, you are in luck! We are here with our guide to the NHL Draft, complete with the latest NHL odds for the draft, an explanation of the NHL draft lottery, and connections to the best hockey betting sites.



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NHL Draft Betting Odds

We are still waiting for top sportsbooks to release their NHL draft betting odds. We will be sure to keep this chart up to date for when they are finally released. Whether it is this year or next, we will be on top of the ball whenever they are published.

We use this chart of NHL draft odds as a stand-in. In the meantime, you can check out odds and betting guides for the NHL Stanley Cup. This is another great hockey futures bet that can keep your head in the game while you wait for the betting markets for the NHL Draft to finally open up.

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How to Bet on the NHL Draft

Check out these strategies to make the best NHL Draft bets.

Know the Basics

To get started on making any sort of hockey bet, it is important to know the basics. You should read our guide on the basics of betting before throwing yourself headfirst into NHL Draft bets.

Research the Player

You should keep an eye on up-and-coming hockey players that are sure or likely to be drafted in the coming years. Having them on the radar as early as possible is key to a successful NHL draft bet.

Without this key information, you will be going into this blind. It is not enough to just know the NHL, you must also know the college-level game that feeds into the professional level. This is really the only way to be successful here.

nhl draft players


Research the Teams

Knowing the players is only half the battle. You can know which player is generating the most buzz, but without knowing the teams, you only get halfway. The teams will pick the players based on their needs, not just the overall, general skill of the player.

Some NHL teams will go for a more immediate strategy, while others will go for the long haul. It is a good idea to know how the staff is working on building up their team, what they think their chances are, and therefore, how they will be making their decisions.

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Only Use Trusted Sites

Signing up at a sneaker sports betting site can ruin all the hard work and research you have put into making NHL draft bets. Some of them are inevitably shady places. This is why we work so hard to provide you with online sportsbooks that we have tested and vetted.

All the sportsbooks we recommend here are safe and well-respected. You will also find great customer service agents to help you in case you have any problems.

Bankroll Management

With a proper bankroll management strategy, your whole approach to betting will change. You will have a crystal clear view of what you are doing like never before. Once you have a systematic approach to your betting finances, you will have your own microscopic way to analyze your betting portfolio.

The two main approaches are the unit and percentage approach. Each one has its advantages and disadvantages, depending on what type of bettor you are.

NHL Draft Lottery Odds

Looking at the NHL draft lottery odds is an important part of making smart NHL draft bets. In the NHL lottery odds, each team that did not qualify for the Stanley Cup playoffs has a weighed chance of making the first pick.

Understanding this is obviously key if you are going to make a bet on the first overall pick for the  NHL Draft. It has been in place since the 2012-2013 season. The draft lottery normally takes place a few weeks before the actual draft, giving you plenty of teams to check out the odds and the team order and start to make some betting decisions.

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