The NHL odds we provide here are taken from the most popular online betting sites in the US, covering the best NHL betting lines around. As one of the top North American sports leagues, the NHL commands a huge following of bettors that span the globe. It’s for that reason that we ensure we only provide the very best to our readers.

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NHL Betting Markets

For those bettors looking for the best NHL Vegas odds across a variety of the top betting markets, not just the NHL money line, you’ve come to the right place. We include things like NHL props and special awards like the NHL MVP.

Not only do we keep the NHL hockey odds up to date, but we also provide NHL picks throughout the season all the way up until the NHL Playoffs to ensure our readers aren’t betting blindly. The odds for the top NHL teams betting odds were last updated on July 4, 2024:

Check out the NHL Stanley Cup Futures.

NHL Stanley Cup Winners Odds 2025BovadaBetOnline ReviewBetUS Review
Florida Panthers+900+900+900
Edmonton Oilers+1000+900+900
Dallas Stars+1000+1100+1000
New Jersey Devils+1150+1100+1100
Colorado Avalanche+1100+1200+1100
Carolina Hurricanes+1400+1400+1500
Toronto Maple Leafs+1500+1500+1500
New York Rangers+1500+1500+1500

Read all about NHL MVP betting.

Will the Washington Capitals Draft Matvei Michkov With the 8th Overall Pick?BetUS Review

We also have the NHL Draft odds.

NHL Draft 2025 - 1st Overall PickBovadaMyBookie ReviewBetNow Review
San Jose Sharks+440+450+440
Chicago Blackhawks+640+650+640
Anaheim Ducks+770+800+820
Columbus Blue Jackets+950+1000+950
Montreal Canadiens+1100+1100+1200
Ottawa Senators+1450+1450+1450

Check out these odds for the NHL Best Rookie.

NHL Calder Trophy 2024 OddsBetUS ReviewBovadaBetOnline Review
Connor Bedard (Blackhawks)-2500-2500-2500
Brock Faber (Wild)+1250+1200+1200


How to Read NHL Odds

For new and even experienced players, it’s paramount that before you begin wagering you have a grasp of the odds and how to read them. We’ll run you through the markets and by the time you finish this you’ll have all the NHL betting lines explained to you. Let’s dive right in.


When it comes to NHL lines in Vegas, there is nothing more popular than the moneyline. The moneyline offers players the chance to wager on their favorite teams on a weekly basis. Your hockey team has to win the game, rather than by a certain number of points or any other statistical-based wager.

In NHL hockey betting lines, the moneyline shows the favorite with a number preceded by a negative (-) symbol, while the underdog is represented by a number preceded by a plus (+) symbol.

An example of this would be if the Golden Knights were favorites at odds of -180, you would have to risk $180 to win $100 (paying out at $280 in total). If you wager on the dog in the game, let’s say the Avalanche at odds of +160, you would have to bet $100 to win $160 (paying out at $260 in total). Backing the underdog will always pay out more, but comes with a higher risk.

Bookmakers like BetUS offer a broad range of moneylines, as well as NHL power play lines. Check them out!

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Totals and Over Under

Over/Under odds are probably only second in popularity to the moneyline—often making up parlay bets with money lines—commonly set at a number of 5 or 5.5 in Ice hockey. Bettors then decide on the number of total goals or team goals, that will be scored in that game and if that figure is over or under the set number. For those bettors that are interested in this market, check out some NHL over under picks for more specific details.

Let’s use a practical example; If the Lightning are playing the Canadiens and the bettor thinks the total goals in the game will be 6, then they would bet the over on a line of 5.5. However, if they think it will be 5 goals or less, then they wager on the under. The NHL lines for the over-under are that simple.

MyBookie is one of the top bookmakers available to US players and commands a huge amount of bets each year. We’d advise taking a look at what they offer if you’re interested in wagering on the NHL over-under.

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NHL Betting Strategy

In terms of NHL betting strategy, it’s always important to enter the betting world with some idea of what you want to do. This doesn’t mean simply knowing the types of odds you’re likely to encounter, but how you are likely to play the odds and betting lines. We’ll cover some basic strategies below.

Line Shopping

Line shopping can be done by scanning the various sportsbook providers that are available to you online. Alternatively, you can sign up to a variety of different providers, and that way each time you want to place a wager, you can cross-check the sportsbooks’ NHL odds and find the best one for your bet. Some bettors prefer to just work with online providers, but this massively limits your access to the best lines and hinders any kind of line shopping you may do.

Do your Homework

The first recommendation we have is to involve yourself in the NHL games and try to grasp certain things about the league. Having this understanding will go a long way when it comes to betting. These kinds of things will help:

  • Team form
  • Top coaches
  • Historical performance
  • Player Statistics
  • Head to head performance stats

Don’t Chase the Favorite

The favorite is more likely to win, that much is clear. However, if you’re looking to make a profit you must try to find value in the odds, working against the bookmakers’ odds. Look for those teams that are likely to cause an upset and go with them. Sure the favorite is sometimes a good wager, but maybe as a parlay or if you prefer a stand-alone bet. But, these types of wagers won’t be as fruitful, when it comes to payouts.