The NHL Playoffs mark the beginning of the league’s postseason games, leading up to the Stanley Cup Finals. The best NHL playoffs bets are available during this period, as the best NHL teams battle for the top prize. These teams qualified for the NHL regular season. NHL playoff betting odds are available throughout the year, with futures on teams to make it and a range of other interesting NHL prop betting options.




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Odds to make the NHL Playoffs

Vegas odds for the NHL Playoffs always draw international attention, as this is when the elite teams finally get to turn up the heat. It’s not uncommon for the top teams to cruise during the regular season, then when things matter to go up a gear. Stanley Cup Playoff odds and NHL Playoff odds are usually dominated by the same teams. But, with the way the league has evolved over the years, we’re seeing a lot more unexpected teams emerging at the top of the pile.

The NHL betting odds for the Playoffs are available. However, we do have the Stanley Cup betting odds. The NHL odds are available from the very best sportsbooks and were last updated on November 9, 2023:

NHL Stanley Cup 2024BetUS Review
Colorado Avalanche+800
Vegas Golden Knights+800
Boston Bruins+1000
Carolina Hurricanes+1000
Toronto Maple Leafs+1100
New Jersey Devils+1100
Dallas Stars+1200
New York Rangers+1200
Edmonton Oilers+1400
Los Angeles Kings+1800
Florida Panthers+2200
Tampa Bay Lightning+2200
Pittsburgh Penguins+2800
Vancouver Canucks+3000
Minnesota Wild+3300
Winnipeg Jets+4000
Seattle Kraken+6500

How to bet on the NHL Playoffs

In terms of NHL odds to make the Playoffs, there is a range of options beyond the straight bets. NHL Playoff odds in 2024 will offer bettors a range of markets, which will vary from one bookmaker to the next. Before committing to one sportsbook for your odds of making the NHL Playoffs, shop around and find the right bookmaker to suit your wagering desires.

pittsburg penguins odds

NHL Playoffs Moneyline

The moneyline is the most popular betting line for any sport at any nhl betting sites. It’s simply wagering one of the teams you think will win on nhl bovada. The odds are based on a favorite (+) and an underdog (-). The odds may be displayed something like this:

Tampa Bay Lightning (-110)

Detroit Red Wings (+950)

These odds show a strong chance that the Tampa Bay Lightning will come away with the win in this fixture while betting on hockey. The odds are so heavily in favor of the Lightning, there is little value in the moneyline here.

NHL Playoffs Over/under

For experienced bettors, the over/under is the go-to betting line. Bettors will have the option to wager on nhl betting online on whether the game’s total score will finish over or under a certain figure set by the bookmaker. As well as the total score, bettors will have the option to stake on the over/under for total team score and sometimes even player scores.

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colorado avalanche

NHL Playoffs Prop Betting at MyTopSportsbooks

As always, prop betting markets are some of the most entertaining odds available. Whether it be the NFL or the NHL, prop betting markets can add a little more to your viewing experience. NHL Playoff props may be based on team stats, player stats, how far a certain team will go, and the list goes on. Be sure to check out the props in your favorite sportsbook. These are the favorites of our betting experts here at MyTopSportsbooks.

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Which are the best teams in the NHL?

This is a subjective question, but there are also some cold hard facts regarding team performance in recent seasons. While we cannot tell our readers accurately which teams will be the best in the coming season, we can certainly point them in the right direction. Here are probably the top 5 teams in the league right now:

  • Colorado Avalanche
  • Carolina Hurricanes
  • Vegas Golden Knights
  • Toronto Maple Leafs
  • Edmont Oilers