There’s no cycling event bigger than the Tour de France. This event attracts the world’s best cyclers for a 23-day race that’s as equally grueling as it is prestigious.

If you’re on this page, chances are you’re thinking of betting on this year’s Tour de France. Good idea because there are countless ways to bet on Tour de France and do so successfully. We’re about to break it all down on this in-depth 2024 guide so stick with us for money-making advice on the prestigious event!

Our Tour de France Betting Odds

The most straightforward of all Tour de France betting lines is the race-winner wager, which you guessed it, tasks the bettor with picking the outright victor. Let’s take a hard look at this bet for 2024. As it stands, the following riders have the best Tour de France betting odds for winning:

RiderBovadaBetUS ReviewBetOnline Review
Tadej Pogacar-330-330-330
Primoz Roglic+450+450+450
Remco Evenepoel+800+800+800
Juan Ayuso+1400+1400+1400
Carlos Rodriguez+1800+1800+1800
Adam Yates+2200+2200+2200
Sepp Kuss+2800+2800+2800
Egan Bernal+3000+3000+3000
Jai Hindley+5000+5000+5000
Enric Mas Nicolau+5000+5000+5000

Tadej Pogacar

Pogacar Wins France

Pogacar is the odds-on favorite to win in 2024, and it’s easy to tell why. The Slovenian cyclist has won the Tour de France twice over his career and earlier this season, took first in the Giro d’Italia. Plus, Jonas Vingegaard is injured and no one knows for sure if he’ll compete in France this season. Vingegaard’s loss is Pogacar’s gain, obviously.

Primoz Roglic

Outside of Pogacar and Vingegaard, Roglic has established himself as the top dog at Grand Tour events. While a Tour de France title has evaded him, the other two haven’t. Roglic is a three-time winner of Vuelta de Espana and took the 2023 Giro d’Italia crown too. You better believe Roglic is motivated to finally earn a triumph in France too.

Remco Evenepoel

Admittedly, Evenepol isn’t as accomplished as the other two favorites — hence his longer betting line. Regardless, the Belgium rider is not to be overlooked in a Grand Tour event, where he’s routinely among the top performers. His only Grand Tour win came in 2022 at the Vuelta de Espana.

Tour de France In A Nutshell

The Tour de France route isn’t always the same from year to year. However, there are some constants that rarely ever change. Allow us to explain the race more in-depth:

What Is The Tour de France?

The Tour de France is the signature event of the UCI World Tour. It’s one of three Grand Tours events, which are considered major championships in the sport. Among the three, the Tour de France is the oldest. The course itself is a road race that stretches across France and sometimes other countries too (Italy and San Marino, for example).

How Long Is The Tour de France?

Tour de France climbs

The difficulty of the Tour de France comes from the length of it. It stretches a whopping 3,500 kilometers — 2,200 miles for our American readers. Not to mention, much of that distance is through rough and steep terrain. The event runs either 24 or 23 days with 21 of those being race days (the others are for rest). As you can see, it’s not for the faint of heart.

Who Were The Past Winners Of The Tour De France?

Here’s a list of recent winners of the Tour de France:

Jonas Vingegaard2023
Jonas Vingegaard2022
Tadej Pogacar2021
Tadej Pogacar2020
Egnan Bernal2019
Geraint Thomas2018
Chris Froome2017
Chris Froome2016
Chris Froome2015
Vincenzo Nibali2014

Popular Bets To Make For Tour de France Betting

Betting on Tour de France comes in different shapes and sizes. For your convenience, we’ll be listing the most common Tour de France betting markets:

Outright Winner

We’ve already covered this one, but just as a refresher, this bet is concerned only with betting Tour de France winner, and that’s it. We should say, you don’t always get the best odds on this bet type since there are usually only two-three real contenders to win.

Top 3 Finish

As the name suggests, this is a wager on if a rider finishes among the top-3. It’s the perfect bet if you feel confident a rider will perform well cause it pays out so long as they’re within winning contention.

Top 10 Finish

The same deal with this wager as the last, only it extends to finishing in the top-10. The betting odds for Tour de France really spread out here more since there are 10 different winners.

Stage Betting

A stage is a single day of racing. Therefore, on this bet, you’re simply wagering who wins on that given day. We really like betting on the Tour de France this way because you don’t have to wait a full three weeks to settle a bet.

Tour De France Betting — Our Best Tips

Ah, yes, Tour de France betting tips — it’s probably the reason you’re on this page in the first place, right? This is a nuanced topic, of course, but here are some actionable tips you can deploy for success right away:

Spread Your Money Around

The last thing you want to do here is go “all in” on a single rider or bet, for that matter. This race is too brutal to justify that all-or-nothing approach. The threat of injury or sickness to a specific rider is always there, and if it happens, your bet is toast.

We recommend placing multiple bets — either on different riders in the same bet, or just different wagers entirely. This mitigates some of the risks AND adds fun to the equation since you’re rooting for multiple outcomes, not just one.

Factor In Recent Performances

When deciding which riders to give your money to, put a strong — and we mean strong — emphasis on recent performances. This is the best gauge of how they’re performing going into the Tour de France. Are they on a hot streak? Cold streak? Hot and cold? It pays to know these answers.

The good thing is the Tour de France happens mid-way through the UCL season so there’s plenty of activity to go off of. The Giro d’Italia is a good barometer since that’s another Grand Tour event. It’s never a bad idea to back top performers of the event since it has many similarities to the Tour de France.

Keep Close Tabs On Injuries

Due to the Tour de France being mid-season, this is the time of year when injuries AND fatigue begin piling up. As you can imagine, that very much affects the performance of the competing riders. It’s on you to get a sense of how this is affecting your betting options.

For instance, we mentioned earlier that Vingegaard is hobbled going into the Tour de France. It’s your responsibility to monitor his status — will he compete? Won’t he? If he does go, what state will he be in? Answers will never be certain, but you want to be able to at least guesstimate the circumstances.

Tour de France injury

How To Bet On The Tour De France?

Betting on the Tour de France is not unlike any other sport. Simply go to a sportsbook, find a race bet, choose how much to risk, and wait til it hits or flops.

One thing to remember though, Tour de France can only be bet on pregame — before the race starts. There’s little to no live betting for the race itself. Even then, most of the race bets are futures on the entire event. So for those bets, you need to have money placed before the opening stage. The only real wager that can be gambled on a day-to-day basis is the stage winner special bet.

Our Top Sites To Place Bets On The Tour De France?

On the topic of a sportsbook, there’s no better place to bet on the Tour de France than the five bookies below. These are the “best of the best” among cycling betting sites, for reasons we’re about to explain:

Badge ranking partner




50% up to $250

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125% Sports Bonus - up to $2,500

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Here’s bite-sized rationale for each of the five selections:

  • Bovada: simply the O.G. of online sportsbooks with an incredible reputation. Bovada has been offering cycling betting odds longer than the majority of well-known bookies have been in business.
  • BetUS: no one outdoes BetUS in the bonus department. Visit this site if you want to wager on the Tour de France for free.
  • MyBookie: betting odds at MyBookie are bettor-friendly. By that, we mean they are either fair price or even discounted against other bookies — perfect for maximizing value whilst betting the Tour de France.
  • BetOnline: this sportsbook is deep — and we mean deep. Any and every bet Tour de France you can think of will be offered here.
  • XBet: the mobile-betting experience has been perfected at XBet. Go here if you’ll be betting on the Tour de France on your phone or tablet.

Why These 5 Sportsbooks?

We didn’t just pick names out of a hat to form the top-5 list above. No, no, no it was all part of a complicated online sportsbook review process. We reviewed hundreds of sites, and those five stood out among the bunch — for the right reasons. All of them featured shared some of the must-have qualities of a top-notch sportsbook:

  • Extensive Sportsbook Selection: The last thing you want out of a sportsbook is for them not to carry the Tour de France betting lines you want. Rest assured, the best sportsbooks don’t shortcut users with their betting selection, whether it’s cycling or another sport.
  • Generous Bonuses: Bonuses are crucial for maintaining profitability as a bettor. After all, who doesn’t appreciate some extra funds to keep their Tour de France betting going? While most bookmakers offer at least one bonus, the top-tier ones provide a variety of high-quality options to choose from.
  • User-Friendly App: More and more betting is going on the go from a smartphone. Dinasour betting sites are still catching up, but the top sportsbooks are investing deeply into their apps. This investment translates into faster load times and an intuitive playing experience on the app.