• Sunday, November 17-20, 2022
  • Yas Marina Circuit
  • Circuit Length: 3.451 miles
  • Race length: 189.739 miles


The Abu Dhabi Grand Prix is a historic Formula 1 circuit, being the first-ever day-night race. All of this makes F1 betting in Abu Dhabi all the more challenging. Welcome to the guide that will get you across the finish line, complete with Formula 1 Abu Dhabi odds when available, strategy, and sportsbook recommendations.

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Formula 1 Odds: Abu Dhabi

There are currently no F1 odds for Abu Dhabi. These top sportsbooks will publish them close to the big race.  Once they are available, we will have the odds to win the Abu Dhabi Grand Prix here. The odds were last updated on May 11, 2022:

Abu Dhabi Grand PrixBovadaMyBookieGTBets
Lewis HamiltonTBATBATBA
Max VerstappenTBATBATBA
Valtteri BottasTBATBATBA
Daniel RicciardoTBATBATBA

F1 Betting Abu Dhabi Tips and Strategies

Following the odds is a great first step in your overall F1 Aby Dhabi betting strategy, but it is not nearly enough. You really do not want to go into this blind, especially if you are looking to win. Of course, it is fine to casually bet here and there without much of a strategy. however, if you are in it to win it, it is best to review some advice so you can develop your own betting portfolio and strategy, thus making the best F1 bets. 

Shop the Lines

One easy way to basically get free bets eventually is to chop the betting lines. What does this mean exactly?


Well, each wager that you put into your bet slip has a price, essentially. This is represented in the odds you will see in the betting market. In the American format, the higher the value, the more of a bargain you are getting on your wager.


In other words, if you want to bet on Lewis Hamilton to win the Abu Dhabi Grand Prix, you want to make sure you are buying that line at the sportsbook that lists his odds in the highest value. This way, you can get more money in your reward for the same risk.


You can compare lines by looking at the odds charts we provide. You can also check directly at the sportsbooks we recommend on this page. Either way, if you want to take actionable steps once you find the best odds, you will need an account with at least two online sports betting sites. We recommend signing up for two right as you get started, so you can incorporate this practice right away.

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Do the Research

By being on this Abu Dhabi Grand Prix F1 betting guide, you are already taking huge steps towards doing the research that will help you make the best F1 bets. We cover betting sites, strategy and odds to win the Abu Dhabi Grand Prix. However, there is more research to be done.


You should start by researching the track. The Yas Marina track, located on Yas Island, is 3.45 miles long and is the second Formula 1 racing track in the Middle East. It is a tough track, with each and every corner presenting a challenge even for experienced drivers.


Familiarize yourself with the drivers as well, and how they have performed on this track previously. While history is not everything, it is an important tool in your research belt. Lewis Hamilton is the winningest racer on this track, with the German Sebastian Vettel hot on his tracks.

Follow our F1 Picks

An important part of your Abu Dhabi betting research should be following our free F1 picks. Even when we are recommending bets on other races, they will be a great resource for you. Through them, you will familiarize yourself with the different drivers, the constructors, what to look for in F1 betting, and the different possible bet types.

Abu Dhabi Grand Prix Betting Sites

No matter how perfect your Abu Dhabi Grand Prix betting strategy is, you will need an excellent online sportsbook in order to place your best bets. In fact, if you sign up at a shady online betting site, that in itself is enough to sink your entire F1 betting portfolio.


That is because these sites can have odds for the Abu Dhabi Grand Prix that seem too good to be true. In fact, they are. Be careful to sign up only at legitimate sportsbooks, otherwise, they may take a very long time to process your payouts, or put so many barriers up that it becomes all but impossible to withdraw your winnings.


Of course, no single sportsbook is perfect. This is why it is a good idea to sign up at more than one. This will give you access to more welcome bonuses and help you do some line shopping. Plus, you will multiply your access to betting markets.


F1 Mobile Betting

For those who live a bit more on-the-go, choosing a mobile sportsbook app might be the best for you. Whenever we recommend a Formula One betting site, we consider the mobile layout of their sportsbook. Modern sportsbooks are using a mobile-first approach to designing the layout of their online sports betting sites.


That is because more and more people are signing up and placing bets via their smartphones and tablets. Some of the best F1 betting sites will even include bonuses specific to mobile bettors. If you are a mobile bettor, be sure to check out our guide to mobile betting.


We have been wagering on Formula 1 racing for years. So what to look for in a great F1 sportsbook comes as second nature to us. We apply this insider betting knowledge to our research for this specific race. We are confident that these are the best sportsbooks out there.



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