World Cup odds come in many different forms. We cover them all here! The biggest competitors all get their time in the sun. We lok at World Cup odds from the group stage to the big finale!

Best World Cup Sportsbooks and Betting Apps

Just how competitive their World Cup odds are is a crucial criterion we use when recommending the best sportsbooks. We want them to have a lot of odds and World Cup betting markets, and, of course, at a great price. For a review of how we apply this to betting on the go, check out our guide to the best mobile sportsbooks.

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Odds to Win the World Cup 2026

The odds to win the World Cup are out! No huge surprises this year when it comes to the teams topping the list of favorites. Remember how to read World Cup odds: the lower the odds value, the more of a favorite that team is.

If a team has a negative odds value, then it is directly the favorite against the whole field. This is a difficult feat in a field as competitive as the World Cup outright odds! It becomes more and more likely as the tournament advances and teams are eliminated.

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Group Odds for the FIFA World Cup 2022

Each group in the World Cup has a round-robin style tournament. Each team plays three games against the other teams in the group. The last matches within each group are all scheduled at the same time. Here are the odds for the winner of each group within the World Cup Tournament.

Odds to Win Group A in the 2022 FIFA World Cup

The four teams competing in Group A are Qatar, Netherlands, Senegal, and Ecuador. Here are the odds to win Group A.

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Odds to Win Group B in the 2022 FIFA World Cup

The four teams competing in Group B are England, USA, Wales, and Iran. Here are the odds to win Group B. Will the USA be one of the two teams to advance to the single-elimination tournament?

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Odds to Win Group C in the 2022 FIFA World Cup

The four teams competing in Group C are Argentina, Poland, Mexico, and Saudi Arabia. Here are the odds to come out on top in Group C.

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Saudi Arabia+2000

Odds to Win Group D in the 2022 FIFA World Cup

The four teams competing in Group D are France, Denmark, Tunisia, and Australia. Here are the betting odds to win Group D.

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Odds to Win Group E in the 2022 FIFA World Cup

The four teams competing in Group E are Germany, Spain, Japan, and Costa Rica. Check out the odds for each to win Group E.

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Costa Rica+3300

Odds to Win Group F in the 2022 FIFA World Cup

There are four teams in Group F: Belgium, Croatia, Canada, and Morocco. Here are the odds for the Group F winner.

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Odds to Win Group G in the 2022 FIFA World Cup

Four more teams compete in Group G in 2022. They are Brazil, Switzerland, Serbia, and Cameroon. This one should be a relatively safe bet!

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Odds to Win Group H in the 2022 FIFA World Cup

And finally the four teams in Group H are: Portugal, Uruguay, Ghana, and Korea Republic. Check out their odds here.

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South Korea+1100

Props During the FIFA World Cup

World Cup prop bets are tons of fun. Remember, prop bets are the creative, fun bets that do not deal directly with the end result of the game. You will always find something new here. World Cup prop bets are divided between team and player props.  Here are some examples:


You can bet on if there will be a first time winner.

Will there be a First Time Winner?Yes
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You can also bet if the USA will receive a red card.

Will USA receive at least 1 Red Card?Yes
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Another example is if the USA will win at least one game.

Will USA win at least 1 Game?Yes
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Additional Popular FIFA World Cup Bets

Here are some of the other most common World Cup bets.

Will The Teams Reach the Finals?

Instead of betting on who will win the final, you can bet on if the teams will just reach the finals. This is a slightly lower bar and is a bit like asking who will win the semi-finals. In this csse, you have the opportunity to place this wager well before you even know who will be in the semi-finals.

Here are the odds for if each national soccer team will make it to the FIFA World Cup finals.

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Who Will be the Top Goal Scorer?

Each tournament you can also bet on which individual player will score the most goals. These markets will change as the tournament progresses, and it could become clear that there is a runaway leader. Of course, if it becomes a safe bet, you will make less money for it. Getting in early is a good way to increase profit and risk.

Here are the odds for the top goal scorer during the FIFA World Cup 2022:

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Harry kane+700
Kylian Mbappe+800
Karim Benzema+1100
Cristiano Ronaldo+1200
Lionel Messi+1400
Romelu Lukaku+1600
Junior Neymar+2000
Jose Vinicius Junior+2500
Memphis Depay+2500
Phil Foden+3300

World Cup Betting History

Looking at past winners will help you understand this years odds to win the World Cup soccer tournament. Brazil is the most winningest country in World Cup history. Germany and Italy are nipping at their heels with four each. Here is a complete list of World Cup winners.

Tips for Understanding World Cup Betting Lines

When betting on the World Cup, it is good to understand how different bet types will work. One place to start is a general soccer betting guide. This will orient you in the right direction towards understanding World Cup markets.

Another important thing here is to understand all the hype that goes into this event. Keep this in mind as you watch the betting lines move over the months leading up to the finals. You can really see how the news will affect live movement, opening up great World Cup soccer betting promotions.