Everything you need for the best Kentucky Derby bets

The Kentucky Derby is the best betting race of the year. Run every year since 1875, horse racing experts and casual fans alike get excited to watch the greatest two minutes in sports.

The 2022 Kentucky Derby will be run on Saturday, May 7. After reading this Kentucky Derby betting guide, you’ll have everything you need to know to play the race like an expert!

kentucky derby odds

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Kentucky Derby Betting Resources

Read these helpful articles to learn how to place a bet on Kentucky Derby:

Las Vegas Kentucky Derby Odds

Kentucky Derby odds change as the race gets closer and horses keep training toward the first Saturday in May. These are the Kentucky Derby 2022 betting odds as of May 3, 2021:

Kentucky Derby Winners Odds 2023Bovada ReviewBetOnline ReviewBetUS Review
Mo Donegal+1000+1000+1050
Smile Happy+1400+1400+1400

Latest Free Kentucky Derby Picks

As the Kentucky Derby draws closer, we will have free expert Kentucky Derby picks to help guide your betting and make you money.

Best Kentucky Derby Betting Sites

Choosing the best site to play the Kentucky Derby can be a difficult decision since there are so many online sportsbooks to choose from. However, our betting experts have done the work to evaluate the best online sportsbooks and recommend the ones with the best odds, features, and bonuses.

These are the best sportsbooks for betting the Kentucky Derby. All of them are trusted betting sites with great Kentucky Derby markets. It is a good idea to sign up for more than one, so you can compare and get the best odds on your Kentucky Derby horses.

Why do We Choose these Sites?

For the best betting race of the year, it is important to have the best Kentucky Derby odds from a trusted sportsbook. Finding an easy-to-use sportsbook that you can trust can be difficult, and it helps to have expert analysis and insight.

We have vetted the best online sportsbooks to find ones that are trustworthy, easy to use, and always offer the best Vegas odds. You can sign up and feel confident that these sportsbooks will give you the best odds and help make your Kentucky Derby betting online experience as fun and profitable as possible!

kentucky derby betting odds

How to Bet on the Kentucky Derby — Top 5 Tips to Win

To bet on the biggest race of the year, you need to know the best Kentucky Derby betting sites and odds. However, it also helps to consider these tips and strategies that will help you make an educated decision on what odds you think a horse truly has. In order to make Kentucky Derby best bets, we strongly advise taking our tips on board.

That way, if you find a top sportsbook that is offering you better odds than you think the horse should have, you can feel confident about betting on them!


Some horses are bred to sprint, and some horses are bred to run longer distances. The Kentucky Derby is a mile and a quarter. That makes it one of the longer races on the American racing calendar. So, you want a horse whose sire (father) and dam (mother) either did well racing long distances or have produced offspring that show good stamina.

Running Style

It pays to consider the running style of the Kentucky Derby horses. Some horses are frontrunners who only run good races from on or near the lead. Others are closers, horses who sit near the back of the pack early but pass horses down the stretch.

Look at their Kentucky Derby prep races and find out each horse’s running style. If the Kentucky Derby has a lot of horses who like to go the lead, then those frontrunners will probably go too fast, get tired, and let the closers run them down. If most of the horses like to sit further off the pace, then it’s worth finding good Kentucky Derby odds on a horse who likes the lead.

Trainers and Jockeys

Some of the trainers and jockeys (or “connections”, in horse racing speak!) have been to the Kentucky Derby a lot of times. Some are new to horse racing’s biggest stage. This has several effects on the odds.

Sometimes, you can have a little more confidence in a longshot horse whose prep races may not be as impressive because his trainer or jockey has so much experience winning the Kentucky Derby. Other times, a horse who may not have the right record or pedigree can be bet to too-short odds because of their connections. Keeping this in mind can help you find value!

Stay Cool Under Pressure

The most exciting two minutes in sports betting can really burn your nerves. Some of the hardest bettors can even crumble under this pressure cooker. Having your head on straight and staying logical is one of the trickiest parts of making a good Kentucky Derby bet.


One way to keep your cool is to have a solid of the different horses, trainers, and jockeys before the horse race event starts. This will give you a strong anchor as things the winds of the race start to blow.

Kentucky Derby Betting Odds Movement

Keep in mind that Kentucky Derby betting odds are not static. When later prep races are finished or news comes out about different horses, their Kentucky Derby odds move. This means it is worth it to follow the latest Kentucky Derby news and keep an eye on how the odds move. It requires maintenance, but you can be rewarded with the very best Kentucky Derby bet payouts!

Kentucky Derby Odds Explained

Depending on the racebook, you may see Kentucky Derby odds in three major formats. Here is an explanation of the different formats:

  • American (+500): These are similar to what you see in American sportsbooks when betting other sports, and denote how much you win, but do not take into account getting back your initial stake. +500 means that for a winning $1 bet, you win $5. Add back your $1 initial stake, for a total of $6.
  • Fractional (5/1): These are similar to what you see if you are betting a race at a racetrack. 5/1 denotes, in fractional form, how much money you win, but not your initial stake. So, for a winning $1 bet at 5/1, you get back $5 in profit plus your $1 stake, for a total of $6.
  • Decimal (6.00): Decimal odds reflect both the winnings and the returned stake together in one number. So, a winning $1 bet with 6.00 decimal odds means you get back a total of $6: including the $5 profit plus the $1 initial stake.