With the 2023-24 NCAA college basketball season starting up, here is our betting guide on how to approach the upcoming year. There are numerous different ways to look at college basketball betting lines and numerous different ways to evaluate the NCAAB odds.

We’ll cover all the ways to bet on college basketball and provide where you can wager on College Basketball betting lines.




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NCAAB Betting Market and Odds

As you look at NCAA odds, there are various different things you can wager on. You can bet on the 2023/24 NCAA Championship as well as March Madness futures and prop bets such as who will be named college basketball’s most valuable player. Throughout the season, you can bet on the outcomes of games, over/unders, futures, and prop bets.


NCAAB betting lines

The 2023/24 NCAA Basketball Season

This year’s college basketball season will run from November to April. There will be hundreds of games and ample opportunity to wager on NCAA betting lines. Our guide will show you exactly how to bet on NCAAB March Madness. The Vegas odds for the NCAAB were last updated on February 14, 2024:

NCAAB Championship 2024BetUS Review
North Carolina+1200
Iowa State+3500

Bet on the NCAAB MVP:

NCAAB Wooden Award 2024BetUS Review
Zach Edey (Purdue)-
Dalton Knecht (Tennessee)-
Hunter Dickinson (Kansas)-
RJ Davis (North Carolina)-
Armando Bacot (North Carolina)-
Tristen Newton (UConn)-
Kyle Filipowski (Duke)-

How to Read NCAAB Odds

When looking at NCAA Vegas odds, it’s important to remember that the money will stay the same. A $100 bet on a line of +100 will net you $100. However, a $100 bet on a line of -100 will earn you $90. While the money stays the same, there are numerous different ways to bet on college basketball. Here are the NCAAB betting lines explained.

If you are betting on the moneyline, you are simply predicting which team will come out victorious. No matter what the Vegas odds are, a moneyline bet relies on whichever team comes out with a win. How much the team wins by is irrelevant; if your team comes out on top, you’ll cash out.
Alongside moneyline bets, betting on the spread is another common way to wager on NCAA betting lines. When betting on the spread, you are predicting how much a team will win by or how close the overall contest will be. For example, if the NCAA basketball odds say that Duke is a -3.5 favorite and you take that bet, you’re betting on Duke to win by four or more points. However, if the NCCAB odds say that North Carolina is a +3.5 underdog and you take that bet, you’re betting on North Carolina to either win the game or lose by three points or less.
Betting the over/under means that the outcome of the game does not matter, but the total amount of points scored does. You’re not betting on who will win or lose, but how many points will be scored collectively. For example, let’s say Kentucky and Kansas are playing, and the NCAA betting line reads that the O/U is set at 87.5. If you bet the over, you’re betting on Kentucky and Kansas to combine for 88 or more points. If you bet the under, you expect the final score to equal 87 or lower.
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Futures Betting

Futures betting is an entirely different way to look at NCAA basketball odds. When placing a futures bet, you are betting on an event that will be concluded further down the line. Betting on the NCAAB National Championship is one clear example- You are predicting the outcome of a contest that might not take place for a year or numerous years. While placing your bet early can lead to a big payout, it’s important to see how the NCAA betting lines change as the event draws closer.

ncaab betting lines

Player and Team Prop Bets

When wagering on prop bets, you are wagering on creative scenarios set by the NCAAB odds by Vegas lines. For player prop bets, you can wager on if they will score a certain amount of points, grab a certain amount of rebounds, etc. For example, the NCAA betting line can read that Illinois’ center Kofi Cockburn is projected for 8.5 rebounds.

Much like O/U bets, you can bet on if Cockburn will grab more or less than his projected amount of boards. For team prop bets, you can wager on things such as who will score first, will the first basket be a two or three-pointer, and/or whether a team will earn a certain number of combined points, assists, and rebounds. Overall, prop bets don’t necessarily care about the outcome of the game but different scenarios inside of it.

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When betting a parlay, you are predicting the outcome of numerous different contests. Rather than just wagering on one game, you can bet on numerous for a higher payout.

In a parlay, you can bet on the spread, the over/under, and the moneyline; prop bets are not included. Remember that while the payout will be higher, you need to win all of your bets in a parlay to cash out.

1H/2H Bets

You don’t always have to bet on the entire outcome of a contest. Whether it is the first or second, you can wager on just one-half of college basketball. In these situations, the same moneyline, O/U, and spread rules apply. The numbers might be lower, but the way you bet is the same.