We here at MyTopSportsbooks have kept the chart simple and straightforward to focus on the following key areas: bonuses, banking (deposits & payouts), additional site features, and customer service. We’ve intentionally cut out all of the promotions and splashy sportsbook ads to be able to focus on comparing these details, side by side, without distraction, to find the best online betting sites for you.

All sportsbooks in the comparison chart are pre-screened to guarantee that they’re safe sites to place bets at. We continually monitor sportsbook payouts and ensure their licenses are valid to ensure they are the most trustworthy sportsbooks available. We make sure the sportsbooks we recommend have fair business practices and state clear betting rules upfront. We also closely monitor their reputation. The sportsbooks listed have been in business for many years, most with decades of history.

We don’t list sportsbooks without a proven track record. We do this for you so you can focus on what’s most important, making bets without having to worry about the safety of the site you’re playing at.