Florida Sports Betting Put on Halt By the U.S. Supreme Court

This was 100 percent the last thing Florida sports betting proponents wanted to see this month, as another twist has arrived in the case against the owners of the Magic City Casino. In a shocking turn of events, the Magic City Casino owners took the case to the Supreme Court, as they’re doing whatever is needed to prevent things from getting launched again. Well, that has happened, as the news of Florida sports betting put on halt by the U.S. Supreme Court has come in.

Yeah, this is absolutely brutal news for Florida as a whole, including Governor Ron DeSantis and members of The Seminole Tribe. Just a week ago, it looked like the re-launch of legal sports betting in Florida was going to arrive at any moment. A decision by a U.S. District Judge was overturned by the Court of Appeals, which made it seem like things were going to get rocking sooner rather than later.

With this temporary stay put in place by the Supreme Court, it leaves the future of legal sports betting totally up in the air for Florida. Several analysts and experts are now predicting that sports betting won’t be put in place until next year. If that happens, then it would surely be a major loss for Florida. Sportsbooks were starting to get excited about things being put into place again, as the betting potential for Florida is quite high.

Now, though, millions of dollars in potential revenue will continue to get lost. This is disappointing for DeSantis, who has been working his tail off for years to bring this project to the state. He knows how valuable sports betting can be for Florida’s economic growth. We should find out in the coming weeks what the next steps will be, but the Supreme Court has put its foot down in surprising fashion.

No NFL betting for Florida will be a major miss for 2023

As we mentioned above, there’s a chance that we may not see legal wagers arrive until next year at the earliest. If that’s the case, there’s no question that no NFL betting for Florida will be a major miss for 2023. The hope was that with sports betting potentially returning, impressive betting numbers would be posted for the final two months of the year. That would have been no issue with the NFL season in full swing.

Now, though, things are totally unknown and that fact alone is concerning. This is the time of year when people across Florida are constantly checking the NFL betting odds for three teams in particular: the Jaguars, Buccaneers and Dolphins. Both the Jaguars and Dolphins are looking like serious threats in the AFC and fans of those teams are dreaming of them pushing for a Super Bowl title.

The Dolphins are coming off back-to-back wins over the Giants and Panthers. In Week 6, quarterback Tua Tagovailoa tossed for three touchdowns, but the player of the game was running back Raheem Mostert. In the victory over Carolina, Mostert caught a touchdown pass from Tagovailoa and added two rushing scores as well. He continues to be an elite playmaker for this offense this campaign.

If legal betting was allowed in Florida, there’s no doubt in our minds that people would be rushing to check the NFL betting odds each weekend and putting money on every single one of the Florida NFL teams. The major bummer here is that earlier this month it seemed like things would be returning soon. Now, though, people all over the state may have to wait until next fall to make their bets happen. It’s nothing short of a big-time shame for everyone.

An update on the temporary stay will arrive this week

Plenty of people are going to be nervous in Florida, as an update on the temporary stay will arrive this week. According to another report, the Supreme Court will provide more details on what’s to come in the future on Wednesday, Oct. 18. Things could go in multiple different directions, but the expectation is that this could become a long-term stay for the Florida sports betting case.

The Supreme Court looks to be in no rush to come to a quick resolution here. With the way things have gone over the past two years, though, any type of ruling taking a long time to go through is the last thing that people in Florida want. In October of 2021, sports betting was launched and fans were able to enjoy things for a few weeks.

However, a District Judge ordered things to be shut down. Ever since then, nothing but drama has followed the Florida sports betting project. It seems like one day things are moving in the right direction, but then another day everything is brought back to square one. It’s unfair for local officials and lawmakers, as they’re having to guess what might happen next. We can only hope that positive updates will be coming in the coming days, but things are not looking good for Florida right now.

Peter Lewis

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