BetOnline’s Must-Know Promotions For July 2024

We’re in the dead middle of the year. Summertime if you’re in the United States and much of Europe — it’s time to “relax.” Well, BetOnline didn’t get the memo because it’s sizzling the season with killer promotions worth big money. You’re going to want to keep on reading to get BetOnline’s top deals that pay hundreds to thousands of dollars in free play!

50% up to $1,000
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Sign Up And Bank Free Play Off The Bat

Every single sportsbook offers the classic sign-up bonus. Every single one, including BetOnline! They all work in the same fashion too: sign up for a new account is step number one. After that, you deposit money into your new account. This deposit is matched in free play by the bookmaker. Boom — you have free betting money.

What we really like about the sign-up bonus is that it’s guaranteed money. For topping up your playing account in a hurry, there’s no better option to get money BEFORE even making a bet. A welcome bonus essentially makes you profitable before any wager is ever placed.

Here’s the thing though: BetOnline’s deal is on the low end compared to the online sportsbook marketplace leaders. It’s a 50-percent match for up to $250. Therefore, to max out this promo, a bettor needs to deposit at least $500. We certainly don’t want to complain about $250 in free money, but many competitors are offering double that ($500) or even four times that ($1000).

But to be fair, the promotion also includes 100 free casino spins. BetOnline has a well-stocked casino and the extra spins sure give you a chance at milking extra money out of this deal — but no guarantees like the upfront free play.

Since we’re on the topic of casinos, BetOnline also has a poker room with its own sign-up bonus. This one is more charitable with a 100-percent match up to $1000 free play. The deal is much more in line with the marketplace at large.

One last thing about these two bonuses: you’ll need promo codes to redeem them — they are not automatically applied. Just enter these codes when making a deposit. The poker code is POKER1000, while the sports deal is FREE250. No codes, no free play so don’t overlook this important detail.

50% up to $1,000
Bet now

VIP Rewards Program Pays The Most Long Term

If you go to Las Vegas casinos, “comp” programs are a staple. This is just a rewards program for repeat play. It took a while for offshore betting sites to adopt similar programs, but one early adopter was BetOnline. Perhaps that’s why the site’s VIP Rewards has become an industry leader to this day.

As you’d expect, BetOnline rewards program pays you for play across its site — sports, casino, and poker. The more you bet (money-wise), the more points you earn. Moreover, certain bets give out more points than others. For instance, a $100 wagered on sports parlays earns more rewards than the same amount thrown on the craps table.

Not only does that affect points earned, but also program ranking. See, the VIP Rewards program has separate ranks (from least to highest) — bronze, silver, gold, platinum, diamond, and elite. Players can rank through them based on their betting activity. A perk of the higher levels is more points rewarded. However, there are other benefits too like reduced deposit fees, dedicated customer support, and so on.

What are these reward points good for? Well, free betting. Points can be swapped out for free play. Not only that, but there are exclusive promotional bonuses for different ranks that pay out better free play.

All this is to say, over the long run, the reward program has the biggest bang for your buck on BetOnline — so long as you’re a consistent bettor. With enough bets, it’s pretty easy to clear the $250 max offered by the sign-up bonus.

50% up to $1,000
Bet now

Refer-A-Friend To Rack Up Even More Free Play

One last deal and this one might be the easiest of all: refer a friend or family member to BetOnline and you’re entitled to free play off their first deposit. BetOnline will give you a 50-percent match for $100 on this promo.

This match hinges on the person you’re referring to BetOnline to make a deposit. So say you bring your gym buddy into the mix. So long as they deposit at least $200, you’ll get the max reward. Of course, they can deposit less and you’ll still get half of that in free play. Mind you, this friend is getting the welcome bonus we already mentioned too so it’s a win-win for both of you.

Here’s where the BetOnline referral bonus really shines though: it can be used over and over again. The thing about the sign-up bonus is it’s a one-time ordeal. Once you use it, there’s no going back for seconds. The refer-a-friend offer though, it works in every new referral. That means over time, the value can be hundreds to thousands not just $100.

That’s all we have regarding BetOnline offers for now. However, we encourage you to read our latest BetOnline review to get the full scoop on the site beyond just free-play deals!

Eric Uribe

Eric was born and raised in Nevada — the center of gambling in the United States. Throw in his natural interest in sports, and Eric was destined to be a sports bettor. This came to a head once Eric turned 21. Already a working sports journalist while in college, Eric began betting at his local sportsbook. Despite massive losses (at first), Eric continued to chip away at wagering. Eventually, he got half-decent at it. Now Eric is a trusted betting analyst. Not only is he skilled at making picks, but also breaking down the state of the industry — legalization, revenue, and innovation. You can read Eric's writings exclusively on OSB.

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