Alabama Sports Betting Scandal Continues to Impact Other States

One of the worst things that could have happened for the Alabama sports betting push happened during the spring. In case you somehow missed it, there was a scandal following the University of Alabama baseball team, which made international headlines. In the end, the head coach for the Crimson Tide was fired and allegations of more foul play were brought to light. With that, though, the Alabama sports betting scandal continues to impact other states.

Because of the involvement of a university team, it has led to plenty of the states who are yet to legalize sports betting to use this as an example of the negative impact it would have. Not only that, but according to a report, Bert Neff has officially been banned in Indiana from placing any sports bets for the rest of his life. This is a serious measure taken by the state, but they’re making a statement here. This is something that is surely being studied by states with legal betting options as well.

Neff was charged with placing sports bets on the Alabama baseball team while being in contact with former Crimson Tide baseball coach Brad Bohannon. With these two being in close contact while Neff was placing his sports wagers, it raised plenty of suspicion in some of the decisions Bohannon was making on a daily basis. Because of this, the university had no choice but to part ways with the coach.

Now that Neff has been banned from making bets in Indiana, some Republicans in Alabama are indeed using this as a reason as to why legal betting in Alabama can’t arrive. There’s plenty of concern that if legal sports betting ever makes its way to the heavily Republican state, then it could lead to even more scandals arriving at the collegiate level. Sports betting proponents are arguing against this, but the evidence is clear as day in this case. There’s surely going to be a lot more discussion on this soon.

Alabama sports betting remains up in the air for the future

With all of the issues that this baseball scandal has brought up, Alabama sports betting remains up in the air for the future. This is not what countless sports fans were hoping to hear about the potential project arriving, but the fact that this has made headlines in other states is a major issue. With Indiana specifically, the Gaming Commission felt it was needed to drop the hammer on Neff for his foul play with sports betting.

“Anytime during our normal regulatory activities we come across information that indicates a patron has engaged in conduct that does not support the integrity of gaming, there is a review done to determine whether statewide exclusion is appropriate,” IGC deputy director Jenny Reske said in a recent interview talking about the Indiana ban place on Neff. “In Mr. Neff’s case, a review was conducted, and it was determined it was appropriate to place him on the exclusion list.”

With Indiana going through this process with Neff, it has people in other states wondering what kind of other betting scandals have taken place in the past too. With Alabama, plenty of people are now worried that perhaps other issues with the university in Tuscaloosa have been hidden from the public eye. With the Crimson Tide football team being so popular, there’s no question that illegal betting has been going on left and right.

This is something that officials and lawmakers are fully aware of. The best way to get rid of illegal betting would be for there to be legal options on the table for the citizens in the state to take advantage of. However, the big issue remains that Democrats and Republicans simply can’t get on the same page in terms of trying to get things moving in the right direction. Will the right sports betting bill be presented by next year? No one knows.

Alabama is missing out on football betting opportunities right now

It goes without saying, but Alabama is missing out on football betting opportunities right now and the feeling is that the betting scandal for the baseball team is a major reason why. The Alabama Crimson Tide has one of the best football teams in the country, as they’re currently ranked No. 11 out there. Nick Saban always does a wonderful job with recruiting and this team is hoping to stun the world and win the SEC over Georgia later this year.

Each weekend, countless people in the state are checking the best-rated sportsbooks, which includes the reliable Bovada review, to see where Alabama stands. Whenever the Crimson Tide take the field, they hold strong NCAAF betting odds to come away with a win. This would be exciting news for people in the state if they’d be able to place legal sports bets. This is something they’ve been wanting for quite some time. There’s betting revenue for the state to bring in too. Hopefully thanks change soon.

Peter Lewis

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