California sports betting took the next step in getting on the 2022 ballot

The hope for countless citizens in California for years now is for the state to legalize sports betting in the near future. Could that come as soon as November of next year? Well, California sports betting took the next step in getting on the 2022 ballot this week, as a new, second initiative was presented to the state’s attorney general.

With this, the hope is that things will push forward and legalizing sports betting in the Golden State will end up being presented on the November 2022 ballot. Obviously, there’s still a lot of work to be done here and California is miles away from having this change go through. With that said, there’s new-found optimism with these efforts.

With the ‘California Sports Wagering and Consumer Protection Act’ being this new initiative, it’s actually one that’s been presented by California cities. This makes sense, as so many different communities throughout the state know just how much of an economic impact sports betting made legal would have for local businesses. There’s also folks who would prefer sports betting to tribal casinos having their way.

“While the California Gaming Association has not yet taken a position on this newly proposed sports betting initiative, we do strongly oppose the self-serving tribal casino monopoly initiative that will only benefit wealthy tribal casino operators to achieve their goal of a gambling monopoly with no benefits for California residents,” said California Gaming Executive Director Joe Patterson said.

New study shows illegal betting is worth around $10 billion in California

In some wild news, a new study shows illegal betting is worth around $10 billion in California, which is of course concerning for all the lawmakers out there. The study, led by Gardena Mayor Tasha Cerda, just showcases how much illegal betting is taking place on a consistent basis throughout the year over in California.

At the same time, this should really come as no surprise whatsoever. Illegal gambling rings are going down all over the country. In case you missed it earlier this week, a worldwide ring actually made its way over to Illinois State University, where a student is now facing six months in jail for his role of not only having people place illegal bets, but also recruiting fellow students.

In California, the team is loaded with sensational teams. In the pros, you’ve got the Lakers, Dodgers, Angels, Clippers, Rams, Chargers and so much more. In college too, USC and UCLA are only two schools who fans are ready to put bets on too. Imagine people checking out NFL, MLB, NBA, or college football/basketball odds and then making wagers.

With no sportsbooks open for people to try and get bets in, they’re of course going to resort to finding illegal ways to do so. This is something that needs to stop, and it most certainly could once the laws are changed in California. That’s why so many people are hopeful that things can go through and be given the green light as soon as 2022. It’d be a major game-changer for everyone involved.

New initiative has a big-time tax attached to it as well

In things that could really make this interesting for California, this new initiative has a big-time tax attached to it as well. Per local reports, this new initiative that has been put on the table would result in a 25 percent tax on sports wagering. This fact alone could increase the chances of the bill moving forward, as we’re talking about a ton of money for the state.

With that said, you simply can’t forget about the different economic benefits that would come with it. Major cities, even some of the smaller ones, know that legal sports betting would result in more tourism. Rather than folks leaving town to go place their bets, it would attract others to come on over instead, which is of course great news.

That fact of the matter is that illegal gambling is taking place anyway. So, why wouldn’t California want to make it legal, regulate sports betting and have it bring in a financial boost across the state? This is something that countless people have been lobbying for. It just doesn’t make sense to see other states take the leap, and California not do so.

With the proposed 25 percent tax, it’d really only make things difficult for the opposition to stand with their stance. Legal sports betting is taking over the United States. There’s simply no reason for California to not get with the times and make the jump here.

Will legal sports betting make the ballot in 2022?

Again, everyone wants to know will legal sports betting make the ballot in 2022? This is something that’s easier said than done. While things have improved with this second, improved initiative, that doesn’t mean that things are a lock here. The lawmakers will still need to consider things before planning to move forward, with other signatures needed.

As things stand, sports betting is illegal in California and that won’t change until elected officials help to make a change. Sports fans across the state want it and they want it bad. Only time will tell if they’ll have the option to vote on things come November of 2022. From our opinion, there’s simply no reason for this to not be an option.



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