New Poll Shows How Much Texas is Impacted By No Sports Betting

This is only going to infuriate even more people in the Lone Star State, as no legal Texas sports betting continues to haunt everyone. As things stand, it’s looking unlikely that things will be legalized in the near future, with plenty of people thinking that this process could be delayed until 2025 – which would be a nightmare. With that said, a new poll shows how much Texas is impacted by no sports betting being available for its citizens.

Indeed, a new poll has shown that of all the fan bases around the country, those who support the Dallas Cowboys fire in the fourth-most bets in the United States. This poll shows that six percent of Cowboys fans who were asked about their betting interests said that they would fire in a wager on America’s Team. That’s a high percentage of people, especially considering that nothing is legal in Texas.

“Despite the Lone Star State’s failure to get a sports betting initiative on the ballot during this year’s legislative session, there clearly is a lot of support for wagering among Cowboys fans,” Dallas Sports Nation wrote in a new piece regarding Cowboys’ fans interest in betting on the organization. “Dallas fans ranked in a tie for fourth (with Chicago) in sports betting user percentage, coming in at 6% overall.”

This only goes to show that the betting popularity for the Cowboys would be quite high if legislation ever passed for things to be legal. With training camp here, Dallas supporters are already rushing to check the NFL betting odds to see where things stand for Dak Prescott and Co. However, at least for another year, no legal bets will be able to be made by people in the state, which is a downright shame.

Illegal NFL betting will surely be high in Texas this season

This new poll also makes it clear that illegal NFL betting will surely be high in Texas this season. With so much interest in the Cowboys, as showcased in this latest poll, it adds to the fact that people are going to find one way or the other to place their money down in the NFC East powerhouse. Right now, there’s a lot of focus on Prescott and if he’ll be able to play at a high level in 2023.

The Cowboys have disappointed in recent seasons, but there’s plenty of buzz surrounding them leading up to Week 1. While this team doesn’t have the best Super Bowl betting odds, there’s hope that they can go on a deep postseason run and post an upset or two. Taking a look at the division, there’s no question that the Philadelphia Eagles will be the favorites to win the NFC East this year.

However, Dallas could surprise a lot of people too. Taking that under consideration, the illegal bets are going to be flowing all over Texas from start to finish this year. Instead of Texas raking in a ton of potential revenue, millions of dollars are going to be exchanged in an illegal fashion through off-shore accounts and illegal betting operators. This is always going to be a concern for lawmakers and officials.

However, with things not passing this past year, it has only added to the frustration for people in Texas. Sports fans hate the fact that they have to place illegal bets or travel to nearby states to get their bets in. Something has to change in the near future, otherwise Texas will keep on missing out on a ton of money. Not only that, but resources will need to continue being used to try and bring down bookies. It makes no sense.

What’s next for the Texas sports betting push

Looking ahead to the future, what’s next for the Texas sports betting push? That’s hard to say, as things are quite unclear these days. There was a new-found hope for things to get done in this past legislative session, but the opposite turned out to be the case. This was heartbreaking news for all of the betting proponents, as they were optimistic that things would arrive in time for this NFL season.

Instead, it indeed looks like we’re going to have to wait until 2025 for things to get here. However, there’s also a chance that things might not get here until 2026 either. As things stand, there are no sports betting bills being drawn up. In order for things to change down the road, multiple lawmakers have to get on the same page and come up with one that’s going to make everyone happy.

In the past, multiple sports betting bills have been written up, but they haven’t gotten to the point where things were looking serious. Now, everything must be put in place and not be rushed in the process. These kinds of bills are delicate and must be taken care of with a close eye on them. Only time will tell if the right kind of bill can be drawn up, but it’s needed if Texas wants to join the majority of the USA in getting betting legalized for its citizens.


Peter Lewis

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