BetNow Offering Big Bucks All September With Bonuses

Bettors have no shortage of online sportsbooks where they can park their money at. However, a leading choice should be BetNow. One reason is that they have some of the best promotions industry-wide. We’re about to share BetNow’s most worthwhile deals of September, and most of football season really. Let’s get right into it:

100% up to $1,000 in free bets
Bet now

More Than One Welcome Bonus Available

Every single major online sportsbook has a welcome bonus. These are the lifeblood of any online betting site worth its salt. However, very few sites offer more than one deal, thus giving players the option to choose what fits them best. An exception to that norm is none other than BetNow. Get this, there are four different welcome bonuses at the site. Here they are at a glance:

  • 200-percent match bonus for up to $200 reward; 20X rollover (promo code CRYPTO200)
  • 150-percent match bonus for up to $225 reward; 20X rollover (promo code BN150)
  • 100-percent match bonus for up to $1000 reward; 30X rollover (promo code BN100)
  • 50-percent match bonus for up to $500 reward; 10X rollover (promo code BN50)

Having these different options is great because not all bettors are created equal. Some might want to be chasing a big payday and know the risk that comes with that. Some might just be hobbyists who don’t mind extra spending money. You have to be real with yourself and know where you stand.

For players wanting to get max money back, then going with the $1000 sign-up bonus is the obvious choice. Take it from us who’ve played with many other sites, a dollar-for-dollar deal that tops out at $1000 like this one is one of the richest values of all. There are a few more lucrative deals, but not very many. The only downside of this offer is the high rollover requirement, meaning it’s going to take a while before any money can actually be withdrawn.

That point leads us to our next point: bettors who just want a few extra dollars to gamble with and not have to make a big long-term commitment would benefit from the 200- and 150-percent promos. These two top out at more modest rates ($200 and $225) so eclipsing the rollover requirement is actually within reason. This is the perfect deal for bettors who want to try a site and do so on the bookies’ own dime.

100% up to $1,000 in free bets
Bet now

Weekly NFL Contest Worth $10,000

There are a bunch of NFL contests available from site to site. But here’s one issue: most of them are season-long games like survivor pools or pick em contests that track year-long points. So in other words, bettors that didn’t start in Week 1 are either not allowed to enter the contest at all or at a massive disadvantage. This is why we love BetNow’s King of the Hill contest. It’s a fresh slate every week.

Here’s how the contest works: every single week during the regular season, contestants will be tasked with picking all NFL matchups — straight-up winner only, no spreads or over/unders. Go undefeated that week and a player wins the $10,000 prize. In the event of a tie between multiple users, the money is split evenly. Again, this contest starts anew every single week.

Admittedly, going 16-0 or 14-0 (if there are byes) isn’t exactly easy to pull off in a sport as unpredictable as the NFL. However, in the event that no one goes undefeated, there will be consolation prizes for those who pick the most games correctly that week. So that’s something to fall back on.

But here’s the best aspect of BetNow’s King of the Hill contest: it’s free to enter. Seriously, there’s no risk here and a whole lot of upside. To enter, just being an “active” player is all that’s needed. BetNow designates a user as active if they’ve gambled on NFL at least two times in a given week. With low of a barrier to entry, it makes sense giving this contest a go no matter what.

100% up to $1,000 in free bets
Bet now

Get Refunds When You Lose Out

No one ever wants to admit it, but the reality is you won’t win every sports bet — not even close. Worse, there’s going to be times when you go on a cold streak and can’t hit anything. The good thing is when this happens at BetNow, they’ll help you out with a refund.

That’s right, BetNow offers a rebate. Most competitors offer this for casino and horse betting (BetNow does too), but here again, BetNow does something differently: they have a sportsbook rebate. This is almost unheard of but bettors can benefit from a 2-percent rebate on sports losses.

This rebate will hit player’s accounts automatically. It gets paid back every Monday so something to look forward to when starting out the new week. Again, it’s on losses only. So if a bettor finishes positive that week, there’s no rebate to be had.

That just about covers it when it comes to BetNow deals. There are a few more, but the ones covered above will be most worth your time. For those itching to learn more about using the site, check out our unbiased BetNow review. It’s loaded with must-know information about the popular platform.

Eric Uribe

Eric was born and raised in Nevada — the center of gambling in the United States. Throw in his natural interest in sports, and Eric was destined to be a sports bettor. This came to a head once Eric turned 21. Already a working sports journalist while in college, Eric began betting at his local sportsbook. Despite massive losses (at first), Eric continued to chip away at wagering. Eventually, he got half-decent at it. Now Eric is a trusted betting analyst. Not only is he skilled at making picks, but also breaking down the state of the industry — legalization, revenue, and innovation. You can read Eric's writings exclusively on OSB.

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