Bettors Have Their Pick Of BetNow Bonuses This Summer

BetNow must really believe in “power to the players” because bettors of its site are handed a full deck in terms of promotions. Seriously, BetNow has to be one of the most giving online sportsbooks in the promotion department. Keep reading cause we’re about to show all the ways you can make free money off BetNow during the Summer months.

100% up to $1,000 in free bets
Bet now

Sign-Up Bonuses Are Plentiful

Is there a better deal out there than the classic sign-up bonus? Not if you want a quick way to build your betting bankroll. That’s because these deals — available at every bookmaker worth its salt — are guaranteed money, no questions asked.

While the sign-up bonus is a staple of the industry, BetNow does go about it differently. Most competitors offer one welcome deal and that’s it. That means if you’re a complete newbie to online betting or if you’re a high roller, you get the same offer. Personally, we think this one-size-fits-all approach is wrong because bettors differ wildly from one another.

To solve this issue, BetNow offers four different welcome bonuses. Here they are a glance:

  • 200-percent match bonus for up to $200 reward; 20X rollover (promo code CRYPTO200)
  • 150-percent match bonus for up to $225 reward; 20X rollover (promo code BN150)
  • 100-percent match bonus for up to $1000 reward; 30X rollover (promo code BN100)
  • 50-percent match bonus for up to $500 reward; 10X rollover (promo code BN50)

For those not in the know, these bonuses hinge on the first deposit after account creation. Whatever a bettor deposits is matched up to a certain percentage by MyBookie in free play. For bettors wanting max “bang for their buck” the 200-percent deal makes the most sense. Your dollar deposited goes the furthest here, however, that deal doesn’t pay out the most.

If you’re a bettor that just wants as much free play as possible, then the $1000 deal is a no-brainer. The match is still a respectable 100 percent, but it’s hard to go wrong with a $1000 reward cap. That’s right in line with some of the best sportsbooks in the industry.

Now is the perfect time to leverage any one of these sign-up bonuses. Both the NBA and NHL Finals just started, plus the Euro Cup and Copa America are on the horizon. All this is to say, the betting opportunities are massive over the next month or so. Thanks to this free play, you’re almost betting risk-free and what’s not to like about that?

100% up to $1,000 in free bets
Bet now

Reload Bonuses Keep Paying Free Play

Sign-up bonuses are near perfect, but they’re do have one fatal flaw — they are one-time deals. So once it’s used, there’s no going back for seconds. However, in place of the sign-up bonus is the reload deal. These work in almost the same manner, however, they applies to follow-up deposits, not just the first one.

Once again, BetNow offers different reload options for bettors. The three options are as follows:

  • 15-percent match bonus for up to $500 reward; 3X rollover (promo code REUP15)
  • 20-percent match bonus for up to $500 reward; 4X rollover (promo code REUP20)
  • 25-percent match bonus for up to $500 reward; 5X rollover (promo code REUP25)

Only you know what’s the best reload bonus for your needs. However, we do want to make mention of one thing — the rollover requirement. New bettors are often confused by this requirement that has to be met BEFORE withdrawals are allowed. If the rate is 3X, for example, that means the bettor’s balance (what they deposited and earned on bonus) must be wagered three times over for the requirement to be hit.

Rollover requirements are the norm in this industry — it’s not something only BetNow offers. In fact, the rates on BetNow are on the lower side compared to competitors. Either way, the requirement acts as a way for bettors to have “skin in the game” and not just rip off bookies for free play without doing anything.

100% up to $1,000 in free bets
Bet now

Rebates Keep The Free Play Fun Alive

At BetNow, you don’t just get free play for depositing money into the platform. No, you also get free money IF you lose at betting. We hate to say it, but there’s undoubtedly going to be times when betting is unprofitable. Cold streaks happen to all of us — even sharp bettors who are professionals at this.

Thankfully, when those downturns do happen, BetNow has different rebate programs. These programs are essentially a refund. Here again, options are plentiful. BetNow offers three unique rebate programs:

  • Horse racing rebate: 10 percent on net losses
  • Casino rebate: 10 percent on net losses
  • Sportsbook rebate: 2 percent on net losses

The sportsbook rebate is truly one-of-kind. Seriously, we’ve used hundreds of online bookies before and BetNow might be the only one that refunds sports betting. This is a copycat industry so it’s incredibly rare to be a one of one, but that’s where BetNow is with this offer.

Bonuses aren’t the only area where BetNow shines. You’ll want to read our latest BetNow review to get the full scoop on using this popular bookie. We think you’ll be surprised to see what other nifty features await at BetNow.

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