BetOnline’s NFL Promotions Are Can’t Miss This Month

Are you ready for some football? You should be because there are thousands of dollars to be made on the return of the king betting sport. In this article, we’re going to tell you exactly how at BetOnline. The online sportsbook marketplace is competitive, but even then, BetOnline stands out with some of the most lucrative deals of all. We’ll share the best ones in the rest of this article so stay tuned.

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Sign Up For NFL Six-Figure Contests Now

The NFL regular season officially starts September 7 when the Lions visit the Chiefs. From now until then, you have time to sign up for two different NFL contests at BetOnline — each worth six figures on their own. Let’s discuss each really quickly.

First of all, there’s a season-long survivor pool. This is a classic game, but in case you’re not familiar, survivor contests work in the same fashion: pick one team that will “survive” that week (e.g. won’t lose). Win and you advance to the next week where you do the same. One loss and you’re eliminated from the competition completely. However, the difficulty is in not being able to re-use the same team twice. So if you chose the Chiefs to survive week 1, you can’t use them again the rest of the way.

BetOnline is dishing out a whopping $250,000 to the survivor winner at the end. There are zero rollover requirements on the winnings too — it’s straight cash to your account. If there is more than one winner, they will all split the prize evenly. A single entry into the contest costs $30, but prices decrease with more entries. There’s zero limit to how many entries a single contestant purchases.

There’s also a pick ‘em contest, called BetOnline’s Megacontest. Every single week, the site will pick five NFL games from the schedule. It’s on the contestants to pick who covers the spread in each. Do so and get a point. This contest runs all the way through Week 18. Whoever is in first place takes home a grand prize of $200,000.

But don’t you think this is a winner-take-all contest. No, no, the entire Megacontest prize pool is half a million ($500,000). The remaining $300,000 gets split up into consolation prizes. So unlike the survivor contest, players have a chance to win money until the very end with the Megacontest.

The Megacontest prizes are bigger so naturally, the entry fees are as well. One Megacontest entry runs $100, while the second is $75, the third is $30, and $25 for any single one after that. Just make sure to get your entries bought before that season-opening game because registration closes at kick-off.

50% up to $1,000
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Refer NFL-Loving Friends For Upfront Cash

This month only, BetOnline is adding a wrinkle to its classic refer-a-friend deal. These work just like any other like-minded offer: invite someone you know to join the site and you’ll get credited with money once they register and fill up their betting account. For the month of August, BetOnline is offering a 300 percent match for a max reward of $200. Not only that, but BetOnline will also chip in $50 in casino free play.

But the wrinkle that’s exclusive to the NFL is there’s an entire refer-a-friend leaderboard. Yes, BetOnline will track who refers as many people to its site from August 14 to September 25. A whopping $15,000 in prizes will be shared by those who finish in the leaderboard’s top-20. Contest has started so we’d get in on this if we were you, esepcially if you’re a social person.

And remember, anyone that’s referred to the site can earn their own bonuses. You get money as the referer, but they benefit from BetOnline’s usual bonus offering (which we’re covering next). So when you think about it, this refer-a-friend promotion really is a win-win all around.

50% up to $1,000
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Each Sports Deposit Pays Back Free Play

For those that just want guaranteed free play — no having to win a contest over 18 weeks — then these next two offers are for you. They are upfront payouts for just merely depositing money into the BetOnline sportsbook.

Let’s begin with the big-money sign-up bonus for new players only. These newbies are eligible for a bonus of up to $1000 in free play. Whatever they deposit off the bat is matched by 50 percent by BetOnline up to that grand figure. From here, bettors can bet on any NFL outcome of their choosing — props, moneylines, over/unders, and so forth.

Any follow-up deposit into BetOnline’s sportsbook can receive the reload bonus. This deal goes for a 25-percent match and a $250 single-time reward. Both numbers are smaller than the sign-up bonus, however, you can reuse the reload bonus time after time. So in the long run, the reload bonus can easily outpay the sign-up offer.

What we covered in this article is only the tip of the iceberg. To get more details on what the site has to offer, pour through our latest BetOnline review. It has all the must-know information about what BetOnline has to offer — which is even more than six-figure contests, believe it or not.

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