Bovada Begs You To Take Their Money With Free-Play Deals

Bovada is one of the most-used platforms in the whole online sportsbook marketplace. You’d think with this type of popularity and brand equity, they wouldn’t need to run promotions. Welp, you’d think wrong. Take one look at Bovada’s best bonuses of December and you’ll quickly realize this site isn’t getting complacent. If you want free money to gamble with, keep on reading cause we’re breaking down the site’s best promos right here!

50% up to $250
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First Bets Are On The House At Bovada

If you’ve never bet on Bovada before, then you’re eligible to bet completely free of cost — no joke. That’s because the site has multiple sign-up bonuses on the table. As the name suggests, this is for new sign-ups and it’s, without question, the easiest way to fill up your betting account.

Sign-up bonuses are a part of the industry. We mean, just about every betting site worth its salt has one to entice new players to join. Still, the offers are Bovada are competitive with the industry — especially inside the casino.

Here’s how all sign-up bonuses work: you deposit money into your own account. A part of that deposit is matched in free play by the platform. After that, you’re free to spend the money as you’d like — whether it’s on NFL betting or fighting or whatever else is out there in December 2023.

Bovada has separate sign-up bonuses for its sportsbook and casino. Let’s start with sports. The site is willing to match 50 percent of your first deposit up to $250 in free play. So a deposit of $500 unlocks the full reward here. Admittedly, $250 in free play is somewhat small, but Bovada makes up for it in the casino.

Get this, new players are eligible for $3000 in free play from the casino. Now that is an eye-popping number that’s as good as you’ll find anywhere in the industry. The number is so big because Bovada will match a player’s first three deposits into the casino, not just one. Each one goes for a 100 percent match and $1000 in free play. If all three are maxed out, you get that $3000 come up.

Just be aware, promo codes are needed for the casino bonus — not the sports one. When depositing your money, enter these codes in the cashier section: BTCCWB1250 for the first deposit, then BTC2NDCWB for the second and third. The deals don’t work without these codes so don’t slip on entering them.

50% up to $250
Bet now

Crypto Sign-Up Deals Are Even Greater

We’re not done with welcome bonuses at Bovada. No, no, no we’re barely getting warmed up. You see, Bovada supports cryptocurrencies on its platform. Matter of fact, it prefers you use them to bet — rather than cash. You see that in the crypto-specific promotions which are even bigger and better than the previous ones mentioned.

In the sportsbook, the deal shoots up to 75 percent and $750 in free play. This is significantly more than 25 percent and $250 offered in the “regular” bonus — three times more to be exact. So you’re leaving a lot of money on the table by not using crypto.

But we’re just getting started because the crypto casino bonus is a real hoot. Once again, this promotion works on the first three deposits made into the casino. Each one is matched at a 125-percent rate with a max reward of $3750. This is the biggest money deal Bovada has to offer site-wide by a longshot.

Once again, you’ll need promo codes to redeem. The sportsbook offer is associated with code BTCSWB750. The casino deal is once again two codes — BTCCWB1250 (for the first deposit) and BTC2NDCWB (second and third deposit).

As for which coins Bovada supports, well, there’s a good variety. Most bettors will be fine with either Bitcoin or Ethereum. Both are industry leaders and both are supported at Bovada. Altcoins like Bitcoin Cash and Litecoin are also available to use. Stablecoins like USDT also work. “Pick your poison” per se cause you have options to use here.

50% up to $250
Bet now

Refer Friends To Bovada For Cash

All right, we had to mention the Bovada refer-a-friend bonus. This one works like you’d expect: you bring friends or family to Bovada and you earn cash as soon as they deposit money. You’ll earn a 200-percent bonus on that first deposit up to $200. If they use crypto, Bovada will chip in an extra $75 in free play too.

What we really love about this deal though is it’s unlimited use. Unlike the sign-up bonuses which are all one-time things, you can cash in from the refer-a-friend deal as many times as you want. That means if you’re social, you could bank well over $200 in free play from this. The upside is near endless.

Not sold on using Bovada yet? You might want to read our full-on Bovada review then. It covers the site at length besides just bonuses, giving you all the must-know details about using the popular betting site.

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