Bank Big Bucks On Bovada Bonuses All Summer Long

We’re rolling into the Summer season and with that, the sports and fun that come with it. You can combine both at Bovada right now thanks to big-money bonuses. There are hundreds to thousands of dollars to be made at Bovada and we’re about to tell you exactly how. Keep on reading for the latest details on Bovada’s best bonuses!

50% up to $250
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Two Sign-Up Bonuses At Bovada

The easiest and most straightforward deal of all is the tried-and-true sign-up bonus. This offer is a staple of the online sportsbook marketplace and all deals essentially work like this: you sign up for a new plating account. You then deposit money into this account and boom, you’ll earn free play on that deposit. How much you earn is where there’s variance though.

Let’s talk about that variance here at Bovada. As the headline suggests, there are two deals to speak of and both are quite different. The first is for cash-based deposits. This is any deposit utilizing hard cash so a debit or credit card. We’ll call this the “classic” bonus since it’s the most popular.

The classic bonus is a 50-percent match for up to $250. That means Bovada will match the bettor’s first deposit by 50 percent until that $250 figure. To max out the bonus, a bettor needs to fund their account with at least $500. Manageable enough, right?

The second bonus is much more lucrative. This deal applies to first deposits made using crypto. Bovada accepts Bitcoin, Ethereum, Litecoin, and USDT. Use any of those coins and Bovada will give you a 75-percent match for $750 — that’s triple the value of the classic bonus. Therefore, it pays to play with crypto on-site.

A few things to be aware of with these promos. The first is there are rollover requirements on the bonuses earned, 5X to be exact. For those not in the know, a rollover is the minimum that needs to be bet before withdrawals are allowed to your bank or crypto wallet. At 5X, you’d have to bet your Bovada balance (what you deposited and the bonus earned) five times over to hit the requirement. All bookies have this requirement to scare away freeloaders who don’t want to actually bet, but Bovada’s 5X rate is on the smaller side.

Last thing to note: you’ll need a promotional code to redeem the crypto sign-up bonus. The promo code is BTCSWB750 and this can be inputted when making the crypto transfer. No code is required with the classic bonus, however. This one is automatically applied, no matter what. The crypto deal, however, only works with the bonus.

50% up to $250
Bet now

Casino Welcome Bonus Is Biggest Of All

The previous sign-up bonuses were for the Bovada sportsbook. These, however, are exclusive to the casino. This is where the big money is at.

Get this, the “classic” casino sign-up bonus can reach up to $3000 in free play. This is more than 3X the value of even the best sportsbook bonus. Bovada will match a player’s first three deposits into the casino, each at 100 percent and $1000. Max out all three and you end up with three grand to spend on slots and table games in the Bovada casino.

Here again, there’s a separate bonus for crypto deposits. Yes, this one is even better value too. Using crypto, Bovada will match the first three deposits at 125 percent and up to $1250. All three, if maxed out, total a whopping $3750 in free play value. Folks, in terms of dollar value, this is one of the biggest bonuses in the industry. We wouldn’t overlook it if we were you!

50% up to $250
Bet now

Rewards Program Has Most Long-Term Value

Sign-up bonuses are great, they really are. However, they do have one downside we’ve yet to mention — they are one-time deals. Once the bonus is used up, there’s no going back for seconds. However, that doesn’t mean the free-play possibilities end there. No, Bovada’s rewards program picks up the slack from here on out.

This rewards program works like you’d expect: bets on Bovada are rewarded with points. Different bets earn different levels of points. For instance, more risky bets like a sports parlay earn more points than just a straight bet. Reward points also vary by the size of the bet. No surprise, the more money you risk on a wager, the better the rewards.

The Bovada rewards program is also tiered into six levels. This is the last variance point with rewards points. Higher ranks earn more points than the same exact bet would with a lower rank.

What can these rewards points be used for? Cold hard free play, of course. Over the long haul, and with enough loyalty, this free play can easily exceed what one would earn from a one-time sign-up bonus. It literally pays to play on Bovada thanks to this program.

That just about does it in terms of Bovada promotions. However, the site has even more to offer than just free play. You’ll want to read our newest Bovada review to get the full scope about using this popular bookmaker.

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