Bovada Brings Out Best Deals For May 2024

Bovada is already a leading online sportsbook. Welp, it just got even better after these big-money bonuses. The site is currently offering a number of promotions worth hundreds to thousands of dollars in free play. Want in? Keep on reading cause we’re telling you just how simple it is to redeem these bonuses.

50% up to $250
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Pick Your Sign-Up Bonus

Every new bettor of Bovada — that’s you, reading this! — can get a cut of the site’s classic sign-up bonus. The deal is unlocked after making your first deposit into the Bovada sportsbook. Bovada will match a certain percentage of that initial deposit in free play.

There are two Bovada deals here. The difference between earning the two is how you deposit into the site. See, Bovada accepts various forms of deposits, but it’s mainly bucketed into cash and crypto. Cash includes debit cards (the most popular payment type) and crypto support extends to Bitcoin, Ethereum, Litecoin, and others.

For cash deposits, Bovada matches at 50 percent and a max of $250. Therefore, to max out this reward, the bettor needs to insert at least $500. If we’re being dead honest, this isn’t the most lucrative sign-up bonus around. Many competitors offer max bonuses more in the $1000 range — 4X the value of Bovada here.

That’s why if you really want to up the free-play reward, it makes sense to deposit with crypto instead. This promotion goes for a 75-percent match and a reward of up to $750. As you can tell, this deal is not only higher value, but it’s just the best value period. You get real “bang for your buck” here.

Just be sure to use the appropriate promotion code with the crypto offer. The code is BTCSWB750 and it can be applied when depositing. No code is needed with the cash sign-up bonus as that one is automatically applied. The crypto offer, however, doesn’t work without the code so don’t overlook this important detail.

No matter which sign-up bonus you get, the money earned is instantly in your betting account. From there, it can be spent on any sport or wager of you’re choosing — it’s really all free rein. Sign-up bonuses are the quickest way to boost your betting spend, something that you might need right now during the NHL and NBA playoffs.

50% up to $250
Bet now

Casino Bonuses Pay The Big Bucks

Not sold on the sign-up bonuses we just covered — maybe they’re too cheap for your liking? All right, then you’re going to love what Bovada offers in its casino AND poker room. They are different betting platforms, but all housed inside the main Bovada site. Each has a welcome bonus of its own and they pay really, really well.

The casino welcome bonus is the biggest money deal in the entire site by a large margin. This deal goes for either $3000 or $3750 in free play. We say either because here again, the deals are broken up by cash or crypto deposits. And again, the crypto one is the better offer.

If using crypto for the first casino deposit, Bovada will match your first three deposits by 125 percent and up to $1250. Yes, the first three deposits — not just the first one. Max out all three and that’s how you end up with a potential $3750 pay day. Not a bad stack of cash to attack the Bovada casino which is jam-packed with slots and table games.

The non-crypto deposit is pretty darn good too. This one matches the first three deposits as well, but only at 100 percent and a max of $1000 per deposit.

With whichever deal you choose, you’ll need promo codes. The non-crypto offer is CAWELCOME100 (first deposit) and BV2NDCWB (second and third deposit). The crypto codes are BTCCWB1250 and BTC2NDCWB. Again, use em or lose out on the big payouts.

The poker bonus isn’t as lucrative, but it’s certainly not bad either. This one is a 100-percent bonus that tops out at $500. Promo code is PWB500.

50% up to $250
Bet now

Rewards Program Keeps Free Play Coming

There’s one drawback to all the sign-up bonuses we’ve mentioned up until this point. They are one-time offers so once it’s used up, there’s no going back for seconds or more free play. However, that doesn’t mean there’s other deals you can leverage for free money.

In fact, every single bet made on Bovada is eligible for free play. That’s because Bovada offers a rewards program across its sportsbook, casino, and poker room. Obviously, the more you bet, the more program points you get. These points can be exchanged for free play. In the long run, the biggest money to be made is off the Bovada rewards system — IF you stay consistent and keep betting.

That does it for us. However, these killer Bovada deals are waiting for you right now, plus other good features. To get the full details about using the site, make sure to use our latest Bovada review. It’s must-read info that goes it everything Bovada offers beyond just killer promos.

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