Make Free Play At Bovada To Bet March Madness

It’s March, and you can take a wild guess as to what that means in betting — yes, March Madness! We’re days away from the NCAA Tournament starting so you’ll want to have a plan of action ready. In that respect, how does free bets sound? Keep reading and we’ll tell you exactly how to earn those at Bovada all March long.

50% up to $250
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Sign-Up Bonuses Pay Big Bucks Up Front

March Madness is great IF you have the betting bankroll to keep up. We mean, there’s 63 games in the entire damn tournament. If you don’t have the betting funds to keep pace or worse, you just suffer from a bracket-busting loss, it’s very easy to get left out of the fun as a bettor. But this becomes less of an issue if you’re betting at Bovada. This is because the popular online sportsbook is dishing out free-play deals right now.

The easiest and most straightforward of the deals is the classic sign-up bonus. Easy and straightforward because this offer requires two small things from a bettor — to sign up for an account and deposit funds into it. That’s all. Do those two things and Bovada will pay out hundreds of dollars in free play.

Bovada offers two bonuses, one when using crypto and another when using normal cash-based deposits. Cash is the more common deposit method so let’s start there. Bovada will match players up to 50 percent and $250 in rewards. Therefore, a small deposit of $500 is enough to max out the reward potential on this promo.

The crypto offer is more lucrative. This one shoots up to a 75-percent match and $750 in possible free play. With that type of betting value, it’s hard to pass this one up. Bovada accepts Bitcoin, Ethereum, Litecoin, and USDT for those who want to max out their earnings potential. Moreover, be sure to use promo code BTCSWB750. The other bonus is automatic, but the crypto one requires this code to work.

With either deal, free play is credited to your playing accounts right away. With that money, bettors can spend it as they wish whether it’s NCAA title futures, individual March Madness games, player props, or heck, another sport beyond college hoops. Free play earned also lasts up to 30 days (or until used up) so this money could carry you over the whole tourney. Not a bad offer this time of year, eh?

50% up to $250
Bet now

Biggest Bonus Comes In The Bovada Casino

All right, this isn’t a March Madness-related promotion. Any money earned here won’t do you any good in the NCAA tourney. However, we had to mention it regardless. Had to because the deal is too damn good not to be aware of.

You see, Bovada has separate welcome bonuses for its casino platform. We know the Bovada sportsbook is what draws most bettors, but many are surprised to see just how deep Bovada’s casino is too. There are slot machines, table games, and even more slots in here than you can possibly imagine. Best of all, bettors could attack these casino games with thousands of dollars in free play. Yes, thousands.

Get a load of Bovada’s $3,000 sign-up bonus. This is so high because the platform will match a player’s first three deposits into the casino, each at 100 percent and up to $1000 apiece. Max out all three and that’s how you end up with a whopping three grand in winnings. Just for comparison, this deal is more than ten times more valuable than the comparable sportsbook promotion we covered before.

No surprise, Bovada also has a unique crypto sign-up bonus. And yes, this one is even more lucrative too. Crypto deposits are matched at 125 percent and up to $1,250 — for three times again. If maxed out, winnings can reach as much as $3,750 in free play here.

Just make sure to use your respective bonus codes with both of these offers. If using crypto, BTCCWB1250 is the code to use on the first deposit followed by BTC2NDCWB on the second and third inserts. If using the “normal” offer, promo codes CAWELCOME100 (first deposit) and BV2NDCWB (second and third) have you covered.

50% up to $250
Bet now

Invite Friends And Win Big Bucks (Both Of You)

Bovada’s refer-a-friend deal is a win-win. First of all, here’s what you stand to earn when you invite friends over to Bovada to bet alongside you during March Madness: up to $200 in free play. You’ll get a 200-percent match on the invited person’s first deposit up to that $200. Better yet, you’ll get an extra $75 — so $275, not $200 — if that friend uses crypto instead of cash to fund their account.

Your invited friend? Welp, they get to redeem the deals we’ve already covered in this article. So this whole predicament becomes a double whammy of wins for the both of you — on top of the natural fun that comes from betting hand-in-hand with buddies on the crazy hoops tourney ahead.

Bovada bonuses are just the tip of the iceberg. To get even more details on using this bookie, scope out our latest Bovada review. It’s a must-read before you begin betting there this March Madness!

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