Alabama Bets Skyrocketing With Nick Saban and Jimbo Fisher Feud

In case you’ve been living under a rock, people with high interest in Alabama sports betting have certainly been keeping an eye on the drama between Nick Saban and Jimbo Fisher. Matter of fact, because of this, Alabama bets skyrocketing with Nick Saban and Jimbo Fisher feud coming in should be no surprise at all. People remain stunned that Saban called out Texas A&M.

In case you missed it, Saban seemingly out of nowhere said that Texas A&M and Fisher essentially bought their way to the No. 1 recruiting class in the country last season. Alabama finished No. 2, which obviously didn’t sit well with Saban. He decided to take out his anger on Fisher and the NIL process, and the Aggies coach really couldn’t believe it. He lit up Saban with his response.

“It’s despicable that a reputable head coach comes out and says this when he doesn’t get his way,” Fisher said. “The narcissist in him doesn’t allow those things to happen is ridiculous when he’s not on top. And the parity in college football he’s talking about, go talk to his assistant coaches, go talk to coaches who coach for him, you’ll find out all the parity.”

That’s quite the quote there from Fisher and you can tell just how upset he is. Ever since this happened, people have been racing to check the best rated sportsbooks to bet on these teams, with Alabama of course holding the higher and better college football betting opportunities. This has resulted in big bets coming down on the Crimson Tide across the country. Even more should be coming on the way soon.

People in Alabama still can’t bet on the Crimson Tide

While this is all fun and big news for people outside of the state, keep in mind that people in Alabama still can’t be on the Crimson Tide, which is no question incredibly stressful for people. Things are in the works to try and get this approved soon, but local reports state that it’s looking like people in Alabama may need to wait until 2025 for legal betting to arrive.

Really, 2025? This update has people incredibly upset. While Saban is still on the younger side, who even knows if he’ll still be coaching once the 2025 season gets here? He’s not getting any younger and it could only be a matter of time before he decides he wants to spend more time with his family and call it quits with coaching. We’ll just have to see about all of that, though.

Meanwhile for Alabama as a whole, there’s no question that college sports will always be the bread and butter in terms of popularity among the citizens. With no professional teams in the state, people love all of the college football action they can get their hands on. The rivalry between Alabama and Auburn is always going to be special, making the Iron Bowl must-see television.

Imagine if things were changed and people were actually able to bet on sports? The Iron Bowl alone would see millions of dollars wagered. Then in terms of the National Championship, Alabama is always going to be a top team under consideration. Saban has built himself an empire with Alabama and the train isn’t going to be slowing down in the near future. Betting needs to arrive sooner than later.

Bryce Young’s betting odds have only made things worse

To add to all of this, Bryce Young’s betting odds have only made things worse. We’re of course talking about the Heisman Trophy, as Young is the favorite to repeat taking him the honor. He was the Heisman Winner this past season, as he helped power Alabama to the National Championship Game. Unfortunately, Young and Alabama suffered a loss to Georgia.

Despite that, Young will be back next season for what figures to be his last year in Tuscaloosa. Young, one of the best quarterbacks in the country, is already projected to be a top first-round pick. There’s several teams that will need a signal-caller of the future, of course including both the Houston Texans and the New York Giants.

With the Giants, this team didn’t pick up the fifth-year option on former No. 6 overall pick Daniel Jones. Jones is now in the final year of his contract and all signs are pointing to the Giants moving on from him after this season. If Jones does leave in free agency, then that would most definitely open the door for the G-Men to scout a new QB via the draft. Enter Young?

People in Alabama would of course love to bet on Young’s Heisman odds, and then down the road on where he’ll end up being taken in the NFL Draft. For now, though, it looks like that will be impossible, while people across the USA will be able to do so. This is just another reminder that things need to change in the state ASAP. Sports betting can’t be put on the back-burner any more. It’s absurd.

Chris Boline

Chris Boline is an avid sports fan and currently works within the sports industry. He has previously written for outlets covering the NBA G League, Los Angeles Chargers, Mountain West Conference football and basketball and has been a writer for over 10 years. Chris is very involved within his local community and spends his free time working with community organizations, sitting on boards, and spending time with friends and family.