South Carolina Remains Hopeful for Sports Betting in 2024

With so much movement in the south, could good South Carolina sports betting news be on the way later this summer or fall? This is what people in the state sure are hoping for, as the movement is about to take its next step. As things stand, South Carolina remains hopeful for sports betting in 2023. Will that end up happening, though? This is a question that people can’t wait to find out the answer to.

It won’t be easy, however, as South Carolina has tried multiple times to try and get this done in the past, only to have things shut down. Now, things are trying to move forward with legislation, but again, it’s up in the air if that will happen or not. Lawmakers and officials in South Carolina know how important sports betting can be for the state, as there’s been a $25 million revenue projection for the project if things do go down.

One thing to keep in mind here too is that state senators believe that around $2-3 million in illegal bets are recorded each season. This makes sense, as football and basketball action is massive in South Carolina. However, even though there aren’t any pro teams, people are still finding ways to get their wagers in either through off-shore bookies or bookies. This has been a growing problem for the state.

This issue could go away in the coming months if South Carolina is able to push things forward by legalizing sports betting. Despite the problems in the past, the sports betting bill on the table now has a lot of people excited. We should find out soon enough if this bill will be taking the next steps, but it feels like there’s a strong chance of things going in the right direction sooner than later.

North Carolina legalizing sports betting has put pressure on South Carolina

It goes without saying, but North Carolina legalizing sports betting has put pressure on South Carolina to get the job done as well. As things stand, it’s looking like betting will launch in early January of 2024 for North Carolina. This has their local citizens fired up about what’s to come starting this winter. The timing is perfect for people in North Carolina, as the door will be open for them to bet on the NFL postseason and the Super Bowl.

With that, though, people in neighboring South Carolina have voiced on social media that they also want legal betting to arrive by then as well. The worst-case scenario here is North Carolina gets going with sports betting and then South Carolina delays things by another year or two – that’s something that no one in the state wants to see happen, but there’s a chance that how things will be recorded.

Starting next January, people in North Carolina will be able to check the NFL betting odds and place their wagers with a peaceful mind. No one in South Carolina is going to want to drive to NC to place bets. In their minds, they should also have the option to make wagers from the comfort of their own homes in South Carolina as well. It’ll be on the legislators to make that happen for the SC citizens.

There’s quite a bit of betting potential in North Carolina and the exact same can be said for South Carolina. As we mentioned above, South Carolina has fallen short several times in trying to get betting done – the same can be said for North Carolina. Now, though, the two states are hoping that they can both get things done in the right fashion. We will find out soon enough if South Carolina can follow North Carolina’s positive steps.

Football betting would be massive in South Carolina if things are made legal

One thing that officials are surely keeping in mind is that football betting would be massive in South Carolina if things are made legal. That’s because college football is king in the state. With the South Carolina Gamecocks being an SEC powerhouse, they’re always going to have a ton of attention following the program. They’re known for pumping out NFL talent each season and more of the same will be on the way in the future.

If and when betting is legalized, the NCAAF betting odds will surely be checked on a consistent basis, with bets of course being through the roof in the fall. Not only is South Carolina football big, but the college basketball action would also be popular for people as well.

Could you imagine the March Madness bets for the state if South Carolina has a high seed? They would of course be great, which is another thing that officials need to remember when trying to get the green light given for betting. The potential can’t be ignored by the state in this case. We’ll see if South Carolina can make some magic happen down the road. It’s of course what people want as soon as possible.


Peter Lewis

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