Texas Sports Fans Aren’t Betting on the Dallas Cowboys in 2022

With NFL training camps just about a month away, Texas sports betting fans have there eyes on all of the different NFL odds out there. This of course includes what’s to come for America’s Team, as Dak Prescott is looking to have a big year. However, Texas sports fans aren’t betting on the Dallas Cowboys in 2022 as expected and it’s surely got to be a concern for owner Jerry Jones.

According to a report, the bets on the Dallas Cowboys to win the NFC East are way down compared to last year, as the Philadelphia Eagles have all of a sudden emerged as a true contender to win the division. That’s not a surprise, as the team was able to land superstar wide receiver A.J. Brown in a blockbuster trade that was made during the first round of the NFL Draft.

Per CBS, more people have bet on the Eagles through the best rated sportsbooks to win the division and get to the playoffs. Not only that, but over at Caesars, the Eagles, Giants and Commanders have ALL gotten more NFC East wagers than Dallas. This is surely a shock and not what anyone saw coming. While people can’t make legal bets in Texas, they are doing so elsewhere.

With Dallas not getting a ton of betting love, it tells you that people aren’t expecting a big season from the squad. That’s understandable, as Dallas wasn’t able to make any major serious noise in free agency. They sent Amari Cooper to the Cleveland Browns and now they’ll be relying on CeeDee Lamb to be the No. 1 receiver for the squad. Only time will tell how things play out there.

Nothing has changed for Texas sports betting

With that update on the Cowboys, it’s important to note that nothing has changed for Texas sports betting. Right now, everything sports betting related remains illegal and it’s unclear if things will be changed for 2023 or not. What has plenty of people talking is that governor candidate Beto O’Rourke continues to push for things to be changed here.

There’s plenty of opposition, though, as countless people in Texas don’t want sports betting to be legalized. This really is a surprise, as Jerry Jones, Mark Cuban and the owners of the Houston Astros are ready to see things change here. They would love it for people to head to ballparks and then make bets through authorized sports books. That’d be something to see.

However, right now, no one can make a single legal sports bet in the state. As we’ve said multiple times, though, this isn’t stopping people from making their bets. Through the black market, bets are being made illegally on a steady basis, which is costing Texas millions of dollars. Think of all the revenue the state would be able to bring in if they were to legalize betting. It’d be huge.

With that said, the fact that things continue to be delayed is rough to see. With the NFL season right around the corner, people will be ready to make countless wagers, as the Super Bowl is always going to be of intrigue. For people in Texas, they’d love to make bets. That won’t happen this season, though. On top of that, they don’t think that the Cowboys have much of a shot of making it to the big game.

Arch Manning committing to Texas will rock the state

Just recently, Arch Manning committing to Texas will rock the state too in terms of college football attention. For the 2023 class, Manning is the No. 1 recruit in the country and a 5-star player. He had a boatload of offers, with things coming down to Texas, Georgia and Alabama. In the end, Steve Sarkisian was able to win this monster recruiting battle.

People in Georgia and Alabama, plus Ole Miss fans, can’t believe that Texas was able to come out on top. Having said that, the Longhorns are surely going to have their NCAAF odds go up over the next few years with Manning on the roster. Manning is already being looked at as an NFL-level talent. People think he has what it takes to get Texas back into the National Championship conversation.

That won’t be easy, as Georgia and Alabama will always have loaded rosters. With the addition of Manning for 2023, though, the future sure is looking bright for Texas. If anything, however, this only adds to the problem of sports betting not being put on the table for local fans. They would love to be to make a splash in the betting world for UT.

That’s not going to be the case, though. Just like people wanting to bet on the NFL, they won’t be able to bet on Texas unless something changes. The timing would be nice if sports betting could be legalized by the time Manning makes his way to campus, but no one knows if that will happen. People will need to remain patient in this case – something they’re used to.


Chris Boline

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