Daniil Dubovenko set to start Croatian International Badminton with a win

The 2023 Croatian International Badminton competition takes place this weekend, and here we look ahead to the first round of matches due to take place on Friday. The top seed is Daniil Dubovenko, and he is in action when he gets the morning session underway against Paul Tournefier. Here we tell you how Dubovenko will get on in our latest Badminton betting picks.

  • Victor Croatian International 2023
  • Dom Sportova, Zagreb, Croatia
  • Thursday, September 28th – Sunday, October 1st

Although the competition gets underway on Thursday, the main draw action isn’t until Friday, when the first round starts. The opening round consists of 32 players, and they will play knock-out matches across the weekend to decide the winner.

Of the 32 players due to line up in the first round on Friday, 24 have already booked their places. The remaining eight will be decided in the qualifiers played on Thursday.

Friday is also when the seeds enter the fray. The eight seeds are Daniil Dubovenko (1), Valentin Singer (2), Kian-Yu Oei (3), Wolfgang Gnedt (4), Miha Ivancic (5), Amaury Lievre (6), Jiri Kral (7), and Aria Dinata (8). All eight seeds will be on the court during the day.

First Round Betting Odds

Below we have put together the odds for the Croatian International Badminton first-round matches that are scheduled for the Friday morning session. At the time of writing, Valentin Singer is the only seeded player who doesn’t know who he will be playing in the first round. He is waiting on the outcome of Thursday’s qualifiers.

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Daniil Dubovenko-350+250Paul Tournefier
Kian-Yu Oei-110-110Mathias Solgaard
Yohan Barbieri-10000+1400Kevin Barkman
Danila Gataullin+1000-5000Wolfgang Gnedt
Nadeem Dalvi+275-400Aria Dinata
Miha Ivancic+240-334Martin Ouazzen
Neil Bhabuta+162-225Jiri Kral
Amaury Lievre-900+500Lukasz Cimosz

Croatian International Badminton Betting Picks

There’s plenty of action taking place on Friday, so we’re going to dive straight into the best of the first-round matchups, starting with Daniil Dubovenko vs. Paul Tournefier.

Daniil Dubovenko – 350 vs. Paul Tournefier +250

Despite the odds, this is far from the most one-sided match taking place on Friday.

Dubovenko is the No.1 seed and is expected to win this and progress to the second round, where he will play either Thomas Fourcade or one of the qualifiers who wins through on Thursday.

If Dubovenko progresses through the opening two rounds, he could come across the No.6 seed Amaury Lievre in the last eight. That’s when the competition will heat up.

In his last outing, Dubovenko lost the Polish International final 2-0 to Andi Fadel Muhammad last Saturday. Dubovenko was well beaten in both sets, losing the first 21-10 and the second 21-14. Dubovenko was seeded sixth in Poland, and Andi Fadel wasn’t even seeded.

Paul Tournefier was last in action in the Latvia International at the beginning of September. In that match, he lost by two sets to nil (21-18 23-21) to qualifier Neil Bhabuta in the first round. Bhabuta went on to lose to Yohan Barbieri (also in action in this event) in the second round.

Our Badminton betting pick for this match is a win for Daniil Dubovenko. Even though he must have been bitterly disappointed to lose the final of the Polish International, the facts are he still got there.

On route to the final, Dubovenko only dropped one set in four matches, so it’s pretty clear he is in good form. His opponent, Paul Tournefier, fell at the first round stage in his last outing.

Daniil DubovenkoTo beat Paul Tournefier
Bet now

Kian-Yu Oei -110 vs. Mathias Solgaard -110

For our second Badminton pick, we are looking at the match between Kian-Yu Oei and Mathias Solgaard. This one is close on paper and could go right to the wire.

Both of these guys have been in poor form lately. Kian-Yu Oei lost his last match two sets to one against Yanis Gaudin in the Belgian International qualifiers. In total, Oei has won six of his last ten outings.

That might not sound brilliant, but when you compare it to the form of Mathias Solgaard, it sounds great. Solgaard has been on an awful run of form lately, losing his last six, and all were in qualifiers.

Kian-Yu Oei is seeded three in Croatia. But as we saw with Daniil Dubovenko’s defeat in the final of the Polish International, seeding isn’t always a great marker in Badminton.

Our initial view for this match was to go with overs on the total games played spread. The match outcome looked a bit too close to call, and overs would cover the fixture going to a third set. But on reflection, we have changed our minds and are now happy to go with a win for Kian-Yu Oei.

Odds of -110 in a two-horse race tell us the match is going to be a 50/50 call. But the form of both players here suggests that we can’t miss out on backing Kian-Yu Oei to win at that price.

Kian-Yu OeiTo beat Mathias Solgaard
Bet now

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