Illegal Texas Sports Betting is Sky-High Due to the Rangers Deep Run

You just had a feeling this was going to be the case with Texas sports betting still not allowed for fans to take advantage of. While the NFL is quite popular in the Lone Star State, no one can argue with the fact that baseball has been king in recent months – especially with the Houston Astros and Texas Rangers playing so well. The latter has made it all the way to the World Series. With that, illegal Texas sports betting is sky-high due to the Rangers deep run.

According to a report, there indeed has been a rise in illegal activity in the state, which is of course a big-time problem for officials to try and deal with. This also isn’t much of a surprise, as the MLB postseason has been incredible for the two powerhouses in the state. The Astros not only were able to sneak into the playoffs during the final weekend, but they also won the AL West.

The Rangers were able to hold off the Seattle Mariners for the final Wild Card spot, leading to them keeping their dreams of winning the AL pennant alive. Both teams took care of business in the ALDS, which set up the epic showdown in the ALCS. The two Texas teams faced off with a trip to the World Series on the line, with a Game 7 needed to settle a winner. In the end, the Rangers came out on top.

Now, Texas is hoping to do the unthinkable and finish the season as World Series champions. They hold strong MLB betting odds to do so. The Arizona Diamondbacks are standing in their way and people in Texas can’t wait to see how things shape out here. While this is exciting for baseball fans, you can’t forget that illegal activity is going to be through the roof over the next two weeks thanks to the Fall Classic. Plenty of people will keep on betting big money on the Rangers, no doubt.

Illegal Cowboys and Texans bets are being recorded too

It goes without saying, but illegal Cowboys and Texans bets are being recorded too. With it being the heart of the NFL betting season, there’s no question that people are following both Dallas and Houston closely. Both of these squads have been able to record impressive victories thus far this season and there’s no question that the two teams will keep the good times rolling in the coming weeks too.

With the Cowboys, the pressure is definitely on Dak Prescott to deliver for this squad. Dallas is coming off a bye from last weekend and they’re currently 4-2 on the year. However, people are a bit disappointed in the recent loss to the San Francisco 49ers, as it was a chance for Dallas to make a statement that they could be a serious contender to win the NFC later on this season.

However, the 49ers dominated and the Cowboys saw their Super Bowl betting odds drop a bit because of the defeat. People have lost a little bit of faith in Dallas, but they have a fantastic chance to post some big wins the rest of the way. Dallas started the season off with a bang, beating the New York Giants 40-0. It was an impressive showing, especially with it coming during a Sunday Night Football tilt.

Meanwhile with the Texas, rookie quarterback CJ Stroud has definitely been looking sharp during his first year in the pros. The Texans are a young team, but that hasn’t stopped them from being competitive each week. With Week 9 of the NFL season coming this weekend, we’re almost at the halfway point for the NFL season. Illegal NFL betting will continue to climb all over Texas during this time.

Texas sports betting likely won’t arrive until 2025 at the earliest

With all the illegal activity, it reminds everyone of the news that Texas sports betting likely won’t arrive until 2025 at the earliest. Officials and lawmakers in Texas have made several attempts in recent years to get things across the board, but they simply haven’t had any success. Moving forward, the right kind of sports betting bill will need to be developed – and it will have to be one that pleases both Republicans and Democrats.

There’s been plenty of division on this issue, which has been a major reason why all sports betting efforts in the state haven’t been able to move forward. Nothing is on the table for 2024, but there have been talks of a new sports betting bill being pre-filed for the next legislative session. If all goes according to plan, then legal sports betting could be on the way in early 2025.

However, there’s still quite an uphill battle for the state. The good news is that Cowboys owner Jerry Jones and Mavericks owner Mark Cuban are among the sports betting proponents for Texas. These two in particular have a major voice among sports teams in the state and fans are hopeful that they can make a difference with the sports betting push. We should find out soon if both Jones and Cuban can help out.

Peter Lewis

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