BetUS’ Biggest Bonuses Of The Summer Are Here

It’s summer time and things are heating up. We’re not just talking about the temperature though — our attention is on the free-play bonuses available across the online sportsbook marketplace. But it’s BetUS that might have the biggest bonuses of all, offers that look “too good to be true” but are the real deal. Keep reading and we’ll tell you the best BetUS bonuses going in June and the rest of the summertime.

125% Sports Bonus - up to $2,500
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Sign-Up Bonuses Is Biggest In The Bonus

The trusty sign-up bonus is a staple of the industry. Every sportsbook offers one, and if they don’t, the place probably isn’t worth your time and money. Most these deals work in the same way: sign up for an account, deposit money into the account, and earn a part of that deposit back in free play. Simple formula, but executed differently from site to site.

BetUS executes it differently, and we mean that in a good way. You saw our headline and we weren’t kidding — no one outdoes BetUS in the deal department when it comes to dollar value. No one! The sign-up bonus alone is $3125 in free play. You’re lucky to get $1000 deals at other sites yet you’re getting 3X that here.

We should mention the bonus is split between the BetUS sportsbook and casino. Mandatory split too, it’s not like you can choose to get paid strictly inside the sportsbook. But speaking of which, the lion’s share of the deal is for sports play. In the event, the bonus is maxed out (more on that soon), $2500 is reserved for sports betting. The other $625 goes to the casino.

Let’s talk about what it takes to earn the max bonus. The sportsbook matches deposits at a 100-percent rate. It’s hard to go wrong with dollar-for-dollar matches so we can’t complain here. However, the casino match isn’t nearly as charitable at only 25 percent. Therefore, to max this entire deal, you’re looking at a total deposit of over $5000 which certainly ain’t chump change.

This deal is far more good than bad, but there’s are some downsides to it. The most obvious one is the seven-day expiration period on any free play earned off this promo. That’s way too short of a time, especially when the industry standard is 30 days. Having only a week to use up the free play could lead to some forced bets to exhaust the money, and forcing bets is hardly ever good in this industry.

The last thing we’ll say is the bonus doesn’t work without the right promo code. The code to use here is JOIN125. This can be entered at the cashier section when making the deposit. No code, no free play so don’t overlook this important detail.

125% Sports Bonus - up to $2,500
Bet now

It Pays More To Use Crypto

Cryptocurrencies have a split reputation among online bettors. The OG’s probably like it because using crypto to bet online was one of the early use cases of these digital coins. On the other hand, many have likely been burned by the industry’s volatile nature and penchant for pump-and-dump schemes. However, there’s a new use case for crypto — to redeem bigger bonuses off them.

At almost every sportsbook that supports crypto, they offer higher-paying deals if deposits are made with crypto rather than cash like debit cards. Sportsbooks are trying to incentivize their use since transactions settle quicker on crypto than, say, sending a check and crypto is also safer if yo know what to do — big IF for some users who get confused by the emerging technology (more on that soon).

BetUS is one of the sportsbooks rewarding bettors who wager with crypto. That sign-up bonus we mentioned before? It’s also available for crypto, albeit at much better rewards. Suddenly, it becomes a $5000 max reward — split $3750 for the sportsbook and $1250 for casino. Matches also jump to 200 percent for sports and 50 percent for the casino.

This is one of several crypto-only deals on BetUS. Another is a special first-deposit bonus strictly for the casino. If you’ve read our latest BetUS review, you know we’re big fans of the site’s casino platform, which is well-stocked with slots, table games, and even more slots (seriously, there’s a lot). Anyways, the crypto casino offer goes for a 200-percent match and $5000 in free play, just a bananas deal.

BetUS supports the top-used cryptocurrencies. That’s Bitcoin, obviously, but also Ethereum, Bitcoin Cash, and Litecoin. We would’ve liked to see stablecoin accepted (USDT, for example), but the supported coins will cover most users.

Surely, there are some of you reading this that find cryptocurrency confusing. BetUS is aware, which is why they have an entire written guide to setting up a crypto account and depositing into the site. Hell, there’s even a specific online chat for crypto-related questions. A live person is available to answer any questions. So really, you have no excuse for not using crypto to get more free play out of BetUS. It’s easy, folks, and it pays!

BetUS has even more deals on-site so it’s worth scoping out the site and seeing what else is available. Believe us, you’ll be shocked to see all the other outrageously good deals available on the site.

125% Sports Bonus - up to $2,500
Bet now
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