Best Ways To Make Free Play At BetUS Right Now

You can make a killing off BetUS without winning a single bet. Yes, you heard that correctly. BetUS is giving out free play by the thousands of dollars through different promotions and contests. If you keep reading, we’ll call out the best BetUS deals going on through June.

125% Sports Bonus - up to $2,500
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Biggest Sign-Up Bonuses Going

BetUS has carved out a reputation for itself as the most giving online sportsbook of all. It takes one look at their sign-up bonus offerings to realize that. The type of money BetUS is routinely giving out is just unheard of by multiple orders of magnitude.

We begin with the “classic” welcome bonus. This one is split up between the BetUS sportsbook and casino — money goes to both. New deposits can earn a whopping $3125 off this deal if maxed out. It’s a 125 percent match, 100 percent for the sportsbook, and the remainder for the casino. Therefore, a new BetUS player needs to deposit $5000 off the bat to score every penny out of it.

Think that’s a good deal? Well, it pales in comparison to the crypto-specific welcome bonus. As you can guess, this deal works if you use cryptocurrency to fund your account. Bitcoin and Litecoin are both supported on BetUS for reference.

Anyway, this crypto deal is worth $5000 — not a typo. The match percentages shoots up to 150 for sports and 50 for the casino. This is a lot more “bang for your buck” than the aforementioned deal. The max bonus can be had with a “manageable” deposit of $2500.

The deals do have rollover requirements though. This means money can’t be worth drawn until there’s playthrough requirements are met. On sportsbook free play, it’s a 15X rollover, while casino jumps up to 30X.

The last thing we’ll mention regarding these deals: be sure you’re using the right promo codes. These deals don’t work without the codes so it’s not a detail that should be overlooked. Code JOIN125 works for the first deal, while JOIN200 gets you the crypto offer.

125% Sports Bonus - up to $2,500
Bet now

$10,000 Weekly Contest Is Completely Random

This is literally the most random contest we’ve seen across the online sportsbook marketplace. There’s no real purpose to it other than BetUS wanting to give out completely free money for no reason.

Get this, BetUS is raffling out $10,000 every single week. To whom you’re wondering? To random users of the site who’ve logged in to their accounts during the last week (Monday through Sunday). It’s not one grand prize either as the $10,000 is split up. In total, 44 winners will be picked at random for this contest. Players will win either $1000, $750, $500, $250, $100, or $50.

Entries to the contest are completely free. We’re not kidding, all it takes is logging in to earn an entry. Moreover, an entry is earned every day a user logs in. So realistically, one user can qualify themselves for the contest seven times in a single week — for free!

If chosen to win, there is a rollover requirement that comes with the free money. It’s a hard 10X cap that must be met before withdrawals are allowed.

125% Sports Bonus - up to $2,500
Bet now

Referrals Earn Big Bucks At BetUS

To put it bluntly, we’ve never seen betting site referrals worth as much as it is at BetUS. Users who bring new players to the site can earn the biggest piece of the pie of all the deals on BetUS — and by a wide margin too.

Here’s how the deal works: the one doing the referring will earn free play of the first three deposits made by the referral. Each deposit will be matched at 100 percent for up to $2000. If all three are maxed out, that’s a possibility of $6000 in free play — just for referring a new player.

We get it, most referrals won’t deposit that much to earn the full $6000. However, even at half the value, that’s still a monstrous deal. A deal, by the way, that can be reused over and over again with new referrals. Therefore, the long-term value is practically endless if you’re social enough.

That’s not it, though. There’s also a raffle contest that users get entered into for referring. One referral amounts to one raffle entry, but two referrals is worth three entries, and it compounds from there. Prizes in this random raffle include AirPods, iPads, drones, tickets to the Super Bowl, and more.

At competing bookmakers, players might get a $200 or $300 referral bonus — nothing even close to $6000. And that’s not even including the raffle prizes which are worth a few more thousand in their own right. When we told you BetUS was giving earlier on, we weren’t kidding in the slightest!

No other betting site is doing it quite like BetUS, and this goes beyond promotions too. You’re going to want to read our latest BetUS review to get the full lowdown on the popular site. You’ll be surprised to find out where else BetUS shines outside of just free-play deals.

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