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BetUS has a consistent reputation in the crowded online sportsbook marketplace: it gives out free play like candy. Seriously, it might be the most charitable bookie of all and this is emblematic during the month of July. That’s because BetUS is giving out free play just for logging in. You’re going to want to keep reading to full details on this and the best BetUS bonuses running this month.

Login Lottery Might Be Easiest Promotion Of All Time

Typically, bettors have to work for free play. That could mean inserting money or making predictions on a special contest. The point is, online betting sites don’t just give out free play for nothing. Well, until now. That’s because BetUS is raffling off free play just for logging into the site. Really, that’s it!

They are calling it a log-in lottery and this is how it works. Every single week, there will be a raffle. In total, 44 players will be randomly entered into this lottery. To be eligible, they just log-in to their BetUS account during the week — Monday through Sunday. The raffle happens that Monday then free play gets credited Tuesday.

A total of 10,000 in free money is being raffled weekly. As we’re writing this, three players earned a $1000 reward at random, another three for $750, and four received $500. The rest of the bunch got $250, $100, and $50. BetUS posts who won what so it’s all public on the site.

Some of you might be thinking, “what’s the catch?” And we get it, this deal does feel too good to be true. However, we can assure you it’s legit. Just log-in and cross your fingers you get chosen that week. Every time you log-in, you’ll earn one unique entry so it’s in your best interest to be on BetUS regularly.

125% Sports Bonus - up to $2,500
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Biggest Sign-Up Bonus Is At BetUS

We weren’t lying when we said BetUS was charitable. Here’s a second example of the site’s giving ways — a lucrative sign-up bonus. We know the online bookie landscape pretty well so we know a big-money deal when we saw one and this is one of the biggest in the entire industry. By a mile too.

Get this, the BetUS sign-up offer can reach as much as $3125 in free play. That’s a monster number. We mean, you’re lucky to get a $1000 promotion at most places and here you’re getting more than 3X that.

However, there’s one caveat: the bonus is divided between the sportsbook and the casino. You can’t opt to use the entire bonus solely for sports betting or vice-versa. Specifically, if you max out the bonus, $2,500 is allocated for sports betting and the remaining $625 for casino play. So sports does get the lions share of money, but not all of it like most bookmakers.

Now let’s discuss how to achieve the maximum bonus. The sportsbook matches deposits at a 100% rate — talk about bang for your buck eh? The casino match is only 25 percent so you’ll have to earn this one.

Not everything is all rainbows though, we do have to mention two drawbacks of the deal. The first is tie a seven-day expiration period for any free play earned. Honestly, this one is really, really bad because the industry norm is 30 days or so. The second is the high rollover rate — 14X for sports and 30X on casino. Taken together, these two conditions really lessen the value of the welcome bonus.

One last thing we’ll mention here is a promo code is necessary to activate the bonus. The code to use here is JOIN125, which can be entered in the cashier section while making your deposit. Use the code or no free play for you.

Crypto Bonus Is Worth Even More

BetUS is upping the ante on its already-lucrative sign-up bonus IF the bettor deposits crypto rather than cash. This deal is damn good and unless you like leaving free money on the table, you probably want to get in on this.

First of all, BetUS accepts cryptocurrencies on Bitcoin, Ethereum, Bitcoin Cash, and Litecoin. Any one of those will work for this deal. The sign-up bonus we mentioned before? It jumps to $5,000 — split $3,750 for the sportsbook and $1,250 for the casino. The match rates also improve to 200% for sports and 50% for the casino.

What scares many bettors away from this deal is they think crypto is confusing. The keyword is “think” because it’s not really the case. In fact, BetUS has made the crypto deposit process even easier. They have detailed guides on using crypto on-site and if that’s not enough help, they even have a customer service team solely for crypto questions. Believe us, crypto is easier to use than you think and if a few extra $1000 in rewards isn’t enough to make you try it out, then this betting thing might not be for you. The risk-reward is too good to pass up if we do say so ourselves.

Well, that’s all we have for now. You can get the full details about using the site by reading our newest BetUS review — packed with all the must-know information you need before signing up.

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