Everygame Brings Out The Best Bonuses For May 2024

The Everygame sportsbook is bringing the heat in May 2024 when it comes to promotional bonuses. Seriously, these are some of the best promotions you’ll find across the online sportsbook marketplace. Give us five minutes of your time as we call out the three best Everygame deals worth your time AND money. Keep on reading for our money-making suggestions.

50% up to $200
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Pick Your Sign-Up Deal At Everygame

The classic sign-up bonus is available at every single online sportsbook. They’re almost all the same: new players earn free play on their first deposit. The sportsbook matches that deposit by a certain percentage. The same holds true at Everygame.

However, there are two different deals at Everygame. The difference between the two is how you choose to fund your account off the bat — cash (e.g. debit card) or crypto. Payouts will differ between the two too.

When using cash for the sign-up bonus, it’s a 100-percent match up to $500 in free play. Getting a dollar-for-dollar match means it’s essentially a buy-one-get-one-free promotion. It’s hard to complain about that type of value.

The crypto sign-up bonus, however, is flipped. With this one, the match percentage is only 50 percent compared to 100. But on the flip side, the max bonus shoots up to $1000 instead of $500. Everygame accepts the following crypto coins — Bitcoin, BitcoinCash, Litecoin, and Lightning Bitcoin.

Both deals have their pros. Obviously, the non-crypto is more “bang for your buck” since the match percentage is double. However, the crypto deal has more upside due to the $1000 reward limit. It’s really on you to decide what you prefer — more money now or more value for what you end up depositing.

With either promo, just make sure you use the appropriate bonus code. This code can be entered when depositing money into the sportsbook. CRYPTO1K is the crypto-specific code, while WELCOME500 is for the other deal.

50% up to $200
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Special PGA Championship Ongoing

All right, this promo is timely and revolves around betting the PGA Championship tournament — the second major of the year. It’s one of the more unique bets you’ll see and exclusively on Everygame.

We all know how hard it is to hit on a straight-up winner bet in golf. Due to the large playing fields — more than 100 players — getting the lone winner is far from easy. That difficulty is upped another notch when it’s a major too. That’s why this special deal from Everygame is meant to address that issue.

If you make a bet on the straight-up winner of the PGA Championship, you can make money even if they don’t end up winning. If that title pick is either leading or tied for the lead in any of the first three days of the competition, you will earn a stake of your bet back. The stake depends on how much you bet. Here’s the breakdown:

  • Bet $10 to $24.99 — $10 free bet paid back
  • Bet $25 to $49.99 — $25 free bet paid back
  • Bet $50 to $99.99 — $50 free bet paid back
  • Bet $100 or more — $100 free bet paid back

We recommend throwing the bare minimum on one player you feel strongly about winning, whether that’s Scottie Scheffler, Rory McIlroy, or someone else. If they win, boom, you just made a killing. If they lose the lead at one point (that’s McIlroy’s M.O. at majors) and you’ll get refunded partially.

In the event that you and your pick lose completely (never lead after one day and don’t win the major), then look for your free-bet refund on Tuesday, May 21. Everygame has said they’ll email bonus codes via their newsletter that day to qualifying bettors.

50% up to $200
Bet now

Referral Bonus Pays For Life

This offer is the under-the-radar gem that’s always available to Everygame bettors. It revolves around the refer-a-friend bonus. Now every single online bookmaker has this offer, but no one — and we mean no one — has it like Everygame.

Whereas most other bookies give a one-time payment on referrals, Everygame offers a commission-based payment every month. The best part? These commissions last as long as the bettor stays on Everygame — it’s far from a one-and-done thing. In other words, bettors earn a monthly cut off the players they referred to Everygame. That’s how real affiliate programs work and it’s a far more lucrative way of doing things.

Commissions differ based on the bet amount of the referral. It’s a tad complicated to get into, but just now, the commission percentage can reach as much as 35 percent on the high side.

If you’re a “social butterfly” and can get multiple people into Everygame, this offer will be the most valuable by a long shot. That’s because you’re earning different commissions on each player. So yes, this promo is very worthwhile.

That’s all we have regarding Everygame promos, however, the popular betting site offers more than just that. To get all the fine details about using this site, scope out our latest Everygame review. It’s packed with must-know details if you’ll be wagering there and leveraging the deals we just mentioned.

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