3 Promos To Take Advantage Of At MyBookie This Month

MyBookie is bringing some of the best bonuses for June — right in time to ramp up into the summer. Bonuses, mind you, that could you free you up for betting with little to no risks. You’re going to want to keep on reading to get full details on leveraging these MyBookie deals for hundreds to thousands of dollars in free play!

Sign Ups Get A Big Bonus Right Away

This is a big, big month for sports betting. That’s due to two championship series going on — the NBA and NHL Finals. But also in the mix are a pair of international soccer tournaments in the Copa America and Euros. That’s a lot of betting opportunities, do you have the bankroll to keep up?

If you’re thinking no, then there’s something you can do to instantly solve the problem — deposit money into the MyBookie sportsbook. See, doing so entitles you to free play from the popular online sportsbook. This free play can supercharge your betting for the entire month of June and really, as long as you stay betting on MyBookie.

For starters, there’s the MyBookie sign-up bonus. As the name hints, this one’s strictly for new sign ups of the site. They earn a special sign-up bonus that entitles them to as much as $1000 in free play — yes, a grand to spend on sports however you’d like. MyBookie will match a new player’s first deposit with free play at 50 percent. Therefore, to earn the max $1000 bonus, a bettor needs to deposit at least $2000.

You might be wondering, “what’s the catch?” We wouldn’t call this a catch, but there’s is something to realize: you actually have to bet the money. Don’t think you can just cash out the bonus to your bank account. No, MyBookie has a 10X rollover requirement to prevent this type of freeloading.

At 10X rollover means the bettor has to bet their starting account balance — what they deposited plus the bonus earnings — ten times over. Let’s say a better maxed out the sign-up deal, then they would sit at $3000. Therefore, no withdrawals would be allowed until they wagered at least $30,000 worth of sports bets. A hefty amount, sure, but for all we know, bettors could end up winning more than losing off these bets.

Don’t think the 10X rollover is something only MyBookie does. No, this is an industry norm by now. Every single sportsbook puts this caveat into their terms and conditions, as they should to attract real bettors — not users trying to game the system for free money. Matter of fact, MyBookie’s 10X rate is pretty modest, not on the high side, but not on the low either.

Reload Bonuses Keeps The Money Rolling In

There’s one downside to the sign-up bonus: it’s a one-time affair. It’s not like a user can sign up for an account twice, meaning there’s no do-overs on this promotion. However, don’t think MyBookie bettors are out of luck once the sign-up bonus is exhausted. There’s something else to look forward to — the reload bonus.

Every single deposit after the sign-up bonus is eligible for this deal. MyBookie will again match the re-up deposit by a certain percentage. At the highest level, the offer can go for 50 percent and $1250 in free play.

You see, it’s not a one-size-fits-all deal like the sign-up bonus. The exact percentage and max bonus a bettor receives will differ from bettor to bettor. It’s a tiered program, and the more active a MyBookie bettor is (activate as in more money bet), the more friendly their bonus will be.

Honestly, we’re big fans of a tiered bonus like this. The reality is, bettors who spend more on MyBookie should be compensated more. Plus, the system acts as an incentive for a bettor to “rank” their way up and earn a better bonus. More leading sportsbooks should follow MyBookie’s lead in doing this.

MyBookie Referral Bonus Is Unlimited

The MyBookie refer-a-friend deal can go overlooked. Maybe because the upfront dollar value isn’t as high as the sign-up or reload bonus, maybe because it takes some smooth talking to earn. However, for bettors looking to rack up free play over the long haul, it’s hard to go wrong with this promotion.

Here are the promo details: a bettor can refer a friend or family member to MyBookie. Doing so puts them in line for up to $200 in free play. See, whatever that referred person ends up depositing into MyBookie will be matched in free play by 200 percent. Therefore, to earn the max $200 bonus, a meager deposit of $100 from the referral will do the trick.

Mind you, the referral is also eligible for the sign-up bonus we mentioned (they’ll earn nothing from the referral bonus). This ends up becoming a win-win scenario for everyone involved. Seriously, who’s going to complain about both sides making free money?

There’s no limit to how many different times the referral bonus can be used. If you’re on the social side, you’ll keep making money off referrals for as long as you want. That means the long-term value can be astronomical in the hands of the right person.

That does it in terms of MyBookie promotions. However, you’ll want to read our newest MyBookie review to get the full scoop on using this betting site. Believe us, it offers more than just good promotions!

Eric Uribe

Hailing from the US, Eric has channeled his passion for sports into a career in journalism. Building on his experience as a sports editor, he now focuses his expertise on reviewing sportsbook promos to find the best offers. With years covering sports from high school to the pros, he provides expert betting insights, especially fighting and football. When he's not giving advice, you'll find Eric at the sportsbook with a Red Bull vodka in hand, enjoying the thrill of the big game!

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