All The Ways To Make Free Play At XBet This Month

Feeling spent after betting on March Madness? Or heck, spent from paying taxes to Uncle Sam? Welp, XBet is giving bettors a “lifeline” of sorts. By that, we mean hundreds to thousands of dollars in free play. Want in? Then keep reading cause we’ll detail how to make loads of free play off XBet during April!

First Deposits Equal Big Bonuses

The easiest deals available at XBet are reserved for first-time users. See, new players benefit from lucrative sign-up bonuses. XBet isn’t the only online sportsbook leader to offer this deal, however, it doesn’t have one of the best-value offers.

There are two sign-up bonuses to speak of here — one for the sportsbook and a second for the casino. Bettors are eligible to redeem each one so the value really increases when you double dip.

Let’s begin with the sportsbook first-deposit bonus. At XBet, it goes for a 50-percent match and a $500 max bonus. This means if you deposit at least $1000 as a new player, you’ll max out the reward. Once the free play is handed out, you’re free to wager it on any and every sport — from NBA to NHL to soccer or anything else.

The casino bonus is even more value-packed. This one also tops out at $500 in free play, but the match percentage skyrockets to 200 percent — 4X that of the sportsbook. So instead of having to insert $1000 to max out the rears like in sports, it’s only $250 to do so in the casino. Talk about “bang for your buck” huh?

We do want to say one thing though: don’t think this is a free money glitch. No, no, you’ll actually need to bet any money earned. That’s because XBet has a rollover requirement that have to be met before account withdrawals are allowed. Rollovers are the minimum amount of money that needs to be wagered. For sports, it’s 7X of what your account balance starts at. That rate shoots up to 40X in the casino.

Last thing about these promotions: they require a bonus code. Without the code, the deals don’t work — it’s not automatically applied, unfortunately. Still, it takes a second to input these codes when depositing money. Use code XBET50 for the sportsbook one and XBC200 for the casino offer.

Reload Bonuses Are For Life

There’s one drawback about sign-up bonuses: they’re only for sign-ups and it’s a one-time deal. Once the jig is up, there’s no going back for seconds. However, XBet offers something else for repeat bettors and that’s a trusty reload bonus. This deal applies to every single re-deposit made after the first one.

Here again, reload bonuses are separated by casino and sportsbook. In sports, the reload bonus goes for a 25-percent match and $250. Is this smaller than the sports welcome bonus? Yes, but only IF used one time. Again, the true value of this deal is that it can be used over and over again. So in the long run, if you’re a consistent XBet sports bettor, the value will easily be in the thousands of dollars range.

The casino reload bonus is even more bettor-friendly. This one increases to a 50-percent match and a $500. So you’re looking at double the value of the sportsbooks reload offer. But that’s not the best part. There’s an additional XBet casino reload offer and it’s even better.

See, if you re-deposit in the casino over the weekend, this offer is now a 100-percent match with a max reward of $1000 in free play. Folks, that’s as good a deal as you’ll find on XBet. It’s so good, that you almost have to wait until Friday, Saturday, or Sunday to re-up in the casino or leave serious free cash on the table.

Once again, don’t forget your promo codes with these offers. Codes XB50 and XB100 do the trick for the casino reload bonuses, while XB25 is for sports.

Bring Friends To XBet For $100 Each Time

What’s more fun than taking in free play and betting online? Doing exactly that but with friends and family! If that wasn’t incentive enough to refer your pals to XBet, just know there’s up to $100 waiting for you too. Yes, folks, we’re referring to an XBet refer-a-friend bonus here.

See, for every new referral, you’re eligible for a dollar-for-dollar match on their first deposit — up to $100. This deal works on every single new referral too so if you’re a social butterfly, the value will easily exceed more than $100.

Not to mention, the buddy you’re bringing to XBet can earn the sign-up bonuses we already covered. So in the end, it’s a win-win scenario for both of you. Free money for everyone essentially, what’s not to like about that, right?

Welp, that does it for us when it comes to XBet promotions. However, the site has so much more to offer than just free play. For an in-depth look at the platform, be sure to scope out our latest XBet review.

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