Georgia Sports Betting Will Be Discussed During the 2024 Legislative Session

When it comes to Georgia sports betting news, things have been at a bit of a stalemate for years now. There have been attempts to get things over the line, but nothing has been able to change. Will history end up being made sooner rather than later? That’s what sports fans in the state are hoping for. With that said, some positivity has arrived, as Georgia sports betting will be discussed during the 2024 legislative session. Could this lead to a new bill being developed too?

According to a report, sports betting indeed is going to be discussed by lawmakers and officials in the near future. The current legislative session in Georgia started earlier this month and according to the schedule, things will run into March. There’s plenty of time for discussions on sports betting and this is a matter that people are taking quite seriously. Republican Ron Stephens said in a recent interview that it’s time to see if local citizens are serious about the laws being changed.

β€œThese things (mobile phones) weren’t even invented way back at the time whenever we started the gaming scenario. So electronics has come a long way. We’ve had the request from all of our major league teams, you know, baseball, football. They all want it for fan engagement,” Stephens told Richard Elliot of WSB-TV in Atlanta. β€œIt’s a time that we need to just ask the folks if this is what they want. More and more states are doing it. So, the question is, is it time?”

As you can see from that quote, Stephens and some of his colleagues are ready to see how things could possibly move forward with legal betting. Online sports betting (more below) would be the priority, and there’s no doubt in our minds that things would be a major success if they were able to get done. Folks are hoping that legal wagers will be allowed by the end of 2024, but it’s up in the air if that will happen or not.

Online betting will be the major focus for Georgia moving forward

While in-person activity is going to be looked at too, it’s been made quite clear that online betting will be the major focus for Georgia moving forward. While no sportsbooks are being looked at just yet, lawmakers know how much of an impact mobile wagers would have for the state. A big difference for Georgia, though, is that officials are looking to put a minimum age of 21 for online sports betting.

On top of that, online betting would have to be done while in the state. This would avoid people setting up their accounts in Georgia, but then returning home to a different state and placing bets from a distance – that’s something officials know can prove to be a problem, so they’re going to attack it from the start. We’ve seen how strong online betting has been for other states. The potential for Georgia is certainly there.

With so many pro teams, countless residents in Georgia are hoping things can get approved later this year. From an NFL betting standpoint, people would love to place bets on the Atlanta Falcons. While Atlanta didn’t make the postseason this campaign, there’s plenty of promise for the future. With Arthur Smith being fired as head coach, some big-name candidates have already been interviewed. The list includes Jim Harbaugh and Bill Belichick.

From an NCAAF betting standpoint, goodness, can you imagine how many wagers would go on the Georgia Bulldogs? Kirby Smart has developed one of the best programs in the country and they’re always in contention for the National Championship. This is something that lawmakers need to keep in mind as they try to move forward with their sports betting push. It feels like soon enough, betting indeed will arrive in the state for people to take advantage of.

Will Georgia Sports betting arrive by the end of the year?

One of the main questions people have on their minds right now is will Georgia sports betting arrive by the end of the year? That’s the hope, but there are still a lot of loops that legislators need to get through. The fact that this is going to be discussed during the current session, however, should give people optimism that perhaps more positive steps can be taken in the next few months. It’s important to remember that this is going to be a long process and that changes won’t get here overnight.

However, Georgia has seen how successful other states have been since getting things across the line. Nearby in Florida, The Sunshine State was able to re-launch sports betting in December and the numbers have been sky-high ever since. More of the same is expected with the MLB season almost here, plus the Super Bowl betting right around the corner. All in all, Georgia knows how beneficial sports betting can be. In due time, we’ll have our answer if the state can be given the green light or not this year.




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Peter Lewis

Peter Lewis Jr. comes from Mississippi where he and his family spend their days discussing college football, baseball and basketball. He's written sports journalism for years after studying journalism at a local university. Over time, Peter has cultivated extensive knowledge covering sports betting legislation across the country. He closely tracks the latest regulatory developments and provides key insights into their impacts. Peter also offers sharp MLB betting analysis, leveraging stats and trends to identify value on matchups.