Several Petitions Are in Place to get Missouri Sports Betting on the 2024 Ballot

The push for Missouri sports betting continues. For years now, people all over the state have been hoping that things would get done, but there’s been a stalemate there. Now, though, the efforts are reaching new heights, as sports fans across the state are hoping things can get done by next year. The good news is that several petitions are in place to get Missouri sports betting on the 2024 ballot. Will things be able to get done here?

According to a report, there are currently 16 petitions in place to try and get Missouri sports betting on the ’24 ballot. It’s up in the air if things will get done or not, but things are moving in the right direction. There’s been plenty of division among Republicans and Democrats, as the two sides can’t seem to get on the same page. However, positive steps are being taken right now, which is exciting news.

What’s really putting pressure on Missouri and government officials is that nearby states are moving with sports betting. For the local citizens, it’s quite frustrating to see other places around them get sports betting done, while things in Missouri have stood still. With the latest news on these petitions, however, it gives people needed hope that perhaps by late 2024, they’ll have the chance to get things turned around.

With that, the right sports betting bill would need to be put in place for the 2024 ballot. If a bill does make its way to the ballot next fall, the wide expectation is that Missouri citizens will vote it in. After that, it would take a little while for the wheels to get in motion with sportsbooks, but there’s a great chance that in-person and online options would be put on the table by the end of the year. This would be great to see for the state, no question.

Pro teams continue to be in favor of Missouri sports betting

One thing that will definitely help things get across the line is that pro teams continue to be in favor of Missouri sports betting. A coalition was formed among the professional squads in the state, of course including the Kansas City Chiefs, St. Louis Cardinals, Kansas City Royals, St. Louis Blues and more. All of the team owners for these teams know how valuable sports betting would be for each of their respective organizations.

With the Chiefs in particular, imagine if betting kiosks were placed inside of Arrowhead Stadium. People would no question check the NFL betting odds while watching their favorite team play. Kansas City is one of the best teams in the AFC right now and they’re always going to have a lot of attention on them thanks to quarterback Patrick Mahomes. With Mahomes playing so well, the Chiefs Super Bowl betting odds are strong once again.

NFL betting as a whole would be fantastic for the state, which is why we think that the revenue potential for Missouri would be through the roof. In terms of MLB betting, the Cardinals are one of the most historic teams in the bigs, with the stands at Busch Stadium always filled. The Cardinals fans are major proponents for sports betting to be legalized too, as is the team’s ownership group. This speaks volumes about what they’re trying to get done.

The Cardinals didn’t reach the playoffs this year, but they have a lot of young pieces put in place, which has people excited about the future. With the Cardinals owners leading the way for this sports betting coalition among the professional teams, it just goes to show how serious they are about helping legislation get put into place. Within the next six months or so, we should know if a new bill makes its way onto the ballot, which countless people are calling for. Will that end up happening here?

Sports betting has a great chance of arriving in Missouri by 2024

With everything that we mentioned above, it seems as though sports betting has a great chance of arriving in Missouri by 2024. It will all come down to whether or not things are on the ballot next November, but our gut feeling tells us that will be the case. The thing to remember here with the push for sports betting is that the government simply can’t ignore the fact that the pro teams are uniting to get things done. This shows how much time and energy is being put into this.

On top of that, the fact that more than 15 petitions have countless signatures on them shows that there’s an unreal amount of support for betting across the state. With the NFL season in full swing, Missouri is missing out on a ton of potential bets as we speak. The NFL, MLB and NCAAF betting odds are being checked consistently across the country. Missouri knows that things are falling by the wayside, which is why the urgency has reached a new level. Things are moving in the right direction, though.


Peter Lewis

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