BetNow’s Best Bonuses Of October Worth A Pretty Penny

You’ll want a well-stocked betting account all of October. Why? Because this is, without question, the best month to bet on sports. We mean, just look at the betting options this month — NFL, college football, MLB playoffs, fighting, NHL, the NBA, worldwide soccer, and so forth. You’ll need the money to really take advantage of these opportunities, but no one said it had to be your own money. As you’re about to find out, BetNow is offering up free play by the thousands of dollars to bettors, who can spend it as they wish. Allow us to explain what’s out there:

100% up to $1,000 in free bets
Bet now

Fill Up On Free Play After Every Deposit

Sports bettors of BetNow are all but guaranteed free play on the site. All they need to do is deposit money. That’s it — and sports bets of their choosing become “on the house.”

Let’s begin with the classic sign-up bonus. This has become a staple of the online sportsbook marketplace. While every site has one, BetNow has multiple — and that’s the big difference-maker. BetNow gives players the option to choose the deal that suits their needs best rather than pigeonholing everyone into the same offer. Here’s a look at the four different welcome bonuses offered:

  • 200-percent match bonus for up to $200 reward; 20X rollover (promo code CRYPTO200)
  • 150-percent match bonus for up to $225 reward; 20X rollover (promo code BN150)
  • 100-percent match bonus for up to $1000 reward; 30X rollover (promo code BN100)
  • 50-percent match bonus for up to $500 reward; 10X rollover (promo code BN50)

Have your pick at which bonus aligns with your goals best. For bettors trying to maximize free play, then the $1000 bonus is the clear-cut winner. However, value-based bettors can’t go wrong with the 200-percent match which screams “bang for your buck.” There’s no way of saying which of the four is “the best” since it’ll vary by player. Either way, it’s good to have options.

Of course, sign-up bonuses are for new players only and also one-time things. For repeat players, BetNow offers a reload bonus. Here again, there’s more than one option. Check out what’s available:

  • 15-percent match bonus for up to $500 reward; 3X rollover (promo code REUP15)
  • 20-percent match bonus for up to $500 reward; 4X rollover (promo code REUP20)
  • 25-percent match bonus for up to $500 reward; 5X rollover (promo code REUP25)

With both of these offers, you might’ve noticed the rollover number. New bettors aren’t always aware of what the means so let’s clear up any confusion: it’s the amount you must bet over before earned money can be withdrawn. If not for this rollover, bettors essentially have a “free money glitch.” BetNow is friendly, but not that friendly. Players need to have some skin in the game too.

Money Back On Betting Too

Not only will BetNow shower you with free play for just inserting money into the site, but they’ll also pay you to bet — sort of. They’ll pay you when you lose is the more accurate statement. But hey, that’s bound to happen whether you’re gambling on sports, casino, or horse races.

This money comes back in the form of rebates. Rebate is essentially another word for refund. The refund is applied to net losses accumulated over the week. This money back is automatically credited to the player’s accounts on Monday. What exact percentage differs by platform, but here’s how it shakes out:

  • 2-percent rebate in sportsbook
  • 10-percent rebate in casino
  • 10-percent rebate in racebook

So say you lost $150 Sunday through Sunday in BetNow’s casino cause of some unlucky slot machines. With this rebate, a player would score $15 in free play to start the new week. Certainly not life-changing money, but it’s a nice “pick me up” after a cold streak.

The sportsbook rebate is particularly interesting though. Interesting because it’s almost unheard of industry-wide. While most sites offer rebates of some kind in the casino and racebook, almost none offers it in the bookie. It’s just another way that XBet separates itself from the crowd.

100% up to $1,000 in free bets
Bet now

Being Friends To BetNow For Fun And Free Play

Wouldn’t it be great to bet on October’s busy sports month with some friends? It would — and it could be lucrative too, for everyone involved. That’s because BetNow offers a handy refer-a-friend deal.

Here’s how it works: bring a friend to BetNow. When they register for an account, there will be one of those “how did you hear about us” boxes. Right there, they can enter your BetNow username or email.

After that, you’ll earn 50 percent in free play based on their first deposit. The bonus is capped at $250, but still, that’s a good chunk of change. Mind you, the referred friend will be able to pick one of the welcome bonuses we mentioned too. So it’s a double-whammy of winnings for everyone involved!

Welp, that does it when it comes BetNow promos. But if you want to get the full scoop on the site, read our newest BetNow review which goes into great detail about the entire betting experience.

Eric Uribe

Hailing from the US, Eric has channeled his passion for sports into a career in journalism. Building on his experience as a sports editor, he now focuses his expertise on reviewing sportsbook promos to find the best offers. With years covering sports from high school to the pros, he provides expert betting insights, especially fighting and football. When he's not giving advice, you'll find Eric at the sportsbook with a Red Bull vodka in hand, enjoying the thrill of the big game!