BetOnline Begging You To Take Their Money All September Long

The time to make money on sports betting is now. Not only because football season is officially back, but because BetOnline has some of the best promotional offers in the entire online sportsbook marketplace. In this article, we’ll tell you exactly what we’re talking about. Keep reading for BetOnline’s best promos of September:

NFL Contests That Pay Out Six Figures

We have to start with the unbelievable contests BetOnline is running right now for NFL bettors. Unbelievable is an apt word because few other sites are doling out this type of money.

First of all, there’s a survivor pool worth $250,000. Yes, a quarter of a million dollars! But only one (or a few) can actually win the prize. The contest works like any other survivor game. Every week, contestants must choose which team that will “survive” that week and win. Do so and advance to the next week. But as soon as a wrong pick is made, then that contestant is eliminated for good. This contest goes until there is one remaining survivor (the game can end at any point in the season, not just Week 18).

The twist with survivor pools is the same team can’t be used more than once in the season. Say you pick Kansas City as a week 2 survivor, welp, no re-using them at any point in the season. This rule makes survivor picks tricky near the end of the season when most of the good teams have been used up by now.

Entries to the survivor contest are open until Monday when the last Week 1 game kicks off. After that, the contest is closed. So if you’re reading this, you want to get in on this right away. First entries cost $30 but it goes down with extra entries (a single user can enter 25 different times).

There’s another NFL-based contest users should be aware of that’s BetOnline’s Megacontest which goes for $200,000. This game is slightly more forgiving but also lasts the entire season. The site will choose five games every single week during the regular season. All contestants have to do is pick the right straight-up winners — no spreads or over/unders.

BetOnline will keep score all year long. By the end of the season, the number-one picker gets the entire prize of $200,000. Consolation prizes will be available for other high-achievers but it’ll pale in comparison to the big pot. To enter, starting entries go for $100 but decrease from then on. There’s no deadline to enter but you want to get in early to maximize your chance at getting points to win.

Free Play To Fund NFL Bets

Let’s be honest, not many will be able to cash in off those contests. The prizes are big, but only a few will get their share of it. For everyone else, there are free-play bonuses though. These deals allow you to bet on NFL games of your choosing completely free of cost.

Let’s begin with the welcome bonus, which is for new sign-ups only. These players can score as much as $1000 in free play when maxed out. Upon creating a new account, these players will receive a 50-percent match on their first deposit. So say you deposit $1000, you’ll get $500 in free play right back. BetOnline will hand out as much free money up until that $1000 figure.

This is the perfect way to beef up a betting account in a hurry. NFL betting chances are fast and furious, and a deal like this helps tackle them all — while using the bookie’s own dime.

When the trusty sign-up bonus is exhausted, there’s a second promo that bettors can fall back on: the BetOnline reload bonus. This works in a similar fashion, but it just applies to any account re-ups beyond the first deposit. The reload deal pays up to $250 on a 25-percent match. Yes, those numbers are smaller but this deal is also re-usable over and over again (the sign-up bonus is one-time only). So in the long run, bettors leveraging the offer will make WAY MORE than $250.

Using Crypto To Fund Accounts Is A Steal

The deals we just covered are great, but they’re one-upped by crypto-playing users. Yes, BetOnline supports cryptocurrencies (e.g. Bitcoin and Ethereum) as funding methods. In fact, they incentivize users that use crypto over traditional payment models.

For instance, the first deposit bonus for crypto users shoots up to 100 percent — double that of the regular sign-up bonus. It tops out at $1000 in free play too, but still, it’s a lot more “bang for your buck” with a dollar-for-dollar match.

Then there’s the crypto-specific reload bonus. Its value is a 30-percent match for as much as $300. Again, that’s more rich in value than the regular reload for non-crypto payments. These deals show that it literally pays to play with crypto when gambling on BetOnline.

Phew, we covered a whole lot in this piece. But our latest BetOnline review covers even more about the popular platform — beyond just its killer promotions. Give that a read to get the full low down about what BetOnline offers bettors.

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Hailing from the US, Eric has channeled his passion for sports into a career in journalism. Building on his experience as a sports editor, he now focuses his expertise on reviewing sportsbook promos to find the best offers. With years covering sports from high school to the pros, he provides expert betting insights, especially fighting and football. When he's not giving advice, you'll find Eric at the sportsbook with a Red Bull vodka in hand, enjoying the thrill of the big game!

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