Everygame’s Best Bonuses Of September Worth Hundreds

The online sportsbook market is crowded, like really crowded. However, Everygame manages to stand out for one specific reason: its promotional bonuses are some of the best in the entire business. That’s especially the case right now in September now that the NFL is back. In this article, we’ll tell you the best Everygame deals you should be keenly aware of. Let’s get right into it:

50% up to $200
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Pick Your Sign-Up Bonus

If you’ve ever bet online, then almost surely you’ve heard of the classic sign-up bonus. These deals all work in pretty much the same manner: join a site, make an initial deposit, and you get free play right back. How much free play you earn depends on the initial deposit amount and the site itself. Thankfully, Everygame is pretty friendly with its deals.

First of all, there’s more than one deal. Everygame has specialized deals for every platform it has — sportsbook, casino, and poker room. Join one and you’re eligible for the bonus so no need to pick one over the others.

Let’s begin with the sportsbook. Here, Everygame is offering a dollar for dollar match (100 percent) up to $500 in free play for sports. So to get the full reward, a player needs to put in $500 of their own money. In a way, this is a “buy one, get one free” type of offer. All money earned can be spent as you’d like on sports — perfect right now given that football is back in full swing.

There are actually two different casinos at Everygame — its classic platform and its “red” casino. Honestly, there’s not a massive amount of difference between the two, though red is slightly more modern. Red also has the better sign-up bonus with a 125-percent match compared to 100 percent of the classic one. The biggest match percentage, however, is reserved for the poker room. Here, players get a whopping 200-percent match— significantly more than the others.

These deals are a great way to beef up the playing account. There are a ton of betting opportunities right now — from the NFL to all the casino games — so these offers go a long way in stretching out your money capacity.

50% up to $200
Bet now

Bevy Of NFL-Specific Promos

Obviously, the NFL is the most bet-on sport. So no surprise, Everygame is incentivizing even more NFL betting through a trio of solid deals.

The first one is a Super Bowl raffle. Whenever you bet NFL on the site, you’ll be entered into a raffle. Every dollar is worth 1 raffle entry so say you wager $100 on a single game, that’s 100 different entries. Come January 8, Everygame will pick out one raffle winner. The prize? A trip to the Super Bowl in February — hotel accommodation, two tickets, and flights provided for free. Not bad, eh?

There’s also a weekly pick ‘em contest. You know how these work: just predict which teams win that single week — straight-up winner only, not over/under or spread outcomes. Customers who pick the most games become eligible for prizes. Eligible is the keyword cause in the event of a tie, a random person is chosen as the winner. First place gets $100, $50 for second, $25 for third, and $10 for fourth. The best part? It’s free to join every week!

One more promo worth sharing that’s exclusive to NFL gambling. Any bettors that wager at least $1500 in four-week intervals (Week 1 to Week 4; Week 5 to Week 9, and so forth) will qualify for a $100 free bet. So across all four weeks, a player could earn as much as $400 in free betting. Bets have to be made on odds of at least -200 or lower to qualify for this $1500 threshold (a -300 wager wouldn’t count for example).

50% up to $200
Bet now

Crypto Payments Pay Even More

The sportsbook sign-up bonus we mentioned before — 100-percent match for $500 — is great. But this deal is even better. It’s also a sign-up bonus but it’s exclusive to crypto users. So to qualify, the initial deposit must be made with a cryptocurrency not traditional cash. At Everygame, coins like Bitcoin, Bitcoin Cash, and Litecoin are supported in full.

This crypto bonus shoots up to a max reward of $1000 — double the non-crypto deal. However, players are also only getting a 50 percent match rather than 100 percent. So we suppose it balances out that way. Still, for players who want as much free play as possible, it makes sense to opt for the crypto promotion. There’s no other deal at Everygame that fixes that much free play upfront.

Just be sure to enter promo code CRYPTO1K to qualify for this deal, on top of using a cryptocurrency. The offer doesn’t work without the code so don’t overlooo this important detail.

Everygame has so much more to offer beyond big-money bonuses, although those are certainly worthwhile in their own right. To get the full scoop of the site, we’d point you to our latest Everygame review. It has all the must-know information about gambling here.

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