Everygame Has A Free-Play Deal For Every Bettor In December

Everygame might as well change its name to Everydeal because that’s what’s on offer at the betting site right now. There’s a deal for everyone — whether you like parlays, NFL, soccer, or anything else. In this article, we’re going to lay out some of the most worthwhile Everygame promotions right now. Deals that stand out in the crowded online sportsbook marketplace. Let’s get right into it:

50% up to $200
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Pick Your Sign-Up Bonus At Everyagme

What we love about the sign-up bonus is just how easy it is. It’s really a two-step process to leverage a sign-up bonus. One is to create a playing account on Everygame. Two is to fund said account with money. Once you do so, Everygame will match part of that deposit in free play.

That free play is yours to use however you’d like. In a busy sports month of December, that could mean NFL or college football, soccer (both domestic and international), NBA, fighting, and a whole lot more. This bonus is pretty much guaranteed money up front.

Everygame has two similar but slightly different sign-up bonuses for bettors to pick from. One is the “regular” sign-up bonus that applies to deposits made using traditional cash like a bank account or bank card. These deposits are matched at 100 percent up to $500. A dollar-for-dollar match is quite the bargain, and in essence, it’s a buy one, get one free type promotion.

Then there’s a crypto-specific welcome bonus. Everygame allows bettors to fund their account with Bitcoin, Bitcoin Cash, and Litecoin. Do so and suddenly, the bonus shoots up to a max reward of $1000. However, the match percentage does decline to 50 percent. This promo is better in terms of dollar amount (double the reward of the other), but worse in value (50 percent compared to 100).

One thing we’ll say about both these offers is you can’t just withdraw the money to your personal account. There’s no “free money” glitch here. Everygame has a rollover requirement that must be met before money can be taken out. Rollover essentially means how many times over you have to bet your starting account (money you inserted and also free play earned). With each promo, the rollover rate is 8X. So say you start with $500, then you must make $4000 worth of bets before withdrawals become possible.

You’ll need promo codes to redeem these respective offers though, as it’s not automatically applied. Be sure to enter the following codes at the cashier when funding your account — WELCOME500 for the regular deal, and CRYPTO1K for the crypto one.

50% up to $200
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Season-Long NBA Betting Contest Ongoing

The NBA season just started in October so there’s still ample time to join this contest. Unlike the sign-up bonus we just covered, money will have to be earned here — no guarantees.

Every bet a user makes into the NBA will be tracked — whether it’s a $5 wager or $1000 one. At the end of the season, the players with the best profit margins will win prizes. By profit margin, we mean who made the most money, not who won the most bets. Profits is the only that matters here.

First place earns $1000 in free play. The runner-up and third get $750. Another $500 is reserved for fourth and fifth place. Finally, a $100 goes to users who rank sixth through twenty.

Technically speaking, it’s a free contest to join. Then again, not really since real money has to be wagered on NBA to count. There are no additional fees though so long as you’re betting NBA, you qualify. The contest runs all regular season long. All bets count minus parlays and teasers.

Everygame has a public leaderboard on who’s winning the contest. Every so often, they update the standings. As of this writing, Edward P. Is ahead of the pack.

50% up to $200
Bet now

Earn $100 From NFL Betting The Rest Of The Season

The NFL campaign is windowing down (it feels like it just started, doesn’t it?). We’re now in the last quarter of the season with only five games left for every team. Just as teams are battling for a playoff spot, NFL bettors can also compete for a prize — $100 in free play (with another 8X rollover requirement on winnings).

Here’s how this deal works: bettors that spend at least $1500 on bets between Week 14 and Week 18 of the season earn the $100 reward, no questions asked. Every game did a similar promotion during the first three-quarters of the NFL season, but this is the final window (playoffs will not count).

Money bet has to be made on NFL and only NFL. All bets are on the table here, including parlays and teasers. However, if these bets happen to have legs from non-NFL sports, then the money wagered won’t count toward the $1500 requirement.

Sold on betting at Everygame? You should be! But if you’re not, consider reading our up-to-date Everygame review. It covers everything about the site, well beyond just bonuses. It’s mandatory reading for bettors BEFORE they put money into the site.

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