Everygame Has Free-Play Deals For Every Bettor

Everygame might as well be called Everybonus. That’s because there’s an assortment of free-play deals available at Everygame in January 2024, and any other time really. Want in on the free play which can amount to hundreds of dollars? You’ll want to keep on reading cause we’re giving out details on deals that could score you tons of free sports bets. There’s a lot to cover so let’s jump right into it:

50% up to $200
Bet now

Straight-To-The-Point Welcome Bonus

Everygame’s trusty sign-up bonus is pretty no frills — and that’s not necessarily a bad thing. It’s a short, simple, and easy way to increase your betting account upon signing up. The extra funds will come in handy this month as betting opportunities like the NFL playoffs, NBA, NHL, soccer, and fighting are all ripe.

New players that deposit money into Everygame can earn up to $200 in free play. The site will match your first deposit at a 50-percent clip until that dollar figure. Therefore, to max it out, you need to insert $400 off the bat. Is it the biggest money deal in the online sportsbook marketplace? No way. But it is a nice chunk of change nonetheless.

The benefit of a modest $200 bonus is the rollover requirement is quite low at 8X. For those unaware, this requirement is the minimum a player must bet their account over before withdrawals are allowed. This way, bettors actually bet and don’t just run off with the free money. An 8X rate is low compared to many competitors, meaning players don’t have to overcommit to Everygame before they can take out funds — perfect for testing out the platform.

Just be sure to use the appropriate promo code to get this deal. The code is WELCOME200. You HAVE to use the code or else it work won’t — it’s not automatically applied. This code can be inserted at the cashier section when funding the account in the first place. Again, don’t overlook this important detail.

50% up to $200
Bet now

NFL Wildcard Contest Parlay Ends Soon

The betting opportunities that will draw the most attention in January are, without a doubt, the NFL playoffs. The wildcard round opens on Saturday and Everygame has a very special contest running around it.

Everygame has a moneyline parlay on all six wildcard games. So long as bettors stake at least $20 on the parlay, they have a chance to win a $100 free bet — on top of whatever the parlay already pays out. So it’s a 2-for-1 bonus in a way.

This is a moneyline parlay only. Spreads and over/unders do not count so that makes betting this slightly easier. Just be sure to lay down the parlay by Saturday morning BEFORE the first NFL Wildcard game between Houston and Cleveland.

50% up to $200
Bet now

Not Too Late To Join NBA Season-Long Contest

Here’s another deal where you’ll have to earn your keep. The betting attention will soon turn to basketball when football season ends in January. You can get ahead of the shift by betting NBA on Everygame now and setting yourself up to win $1000 in free play.

The site is running a contest on NBA picks. Whichever contestant finishes the 2023-24 season with the highest profit margin will get an extra $1000 in free play. Any and all NBA bets made on-site count toward this contest — moneyline, spreads, props, parlays, and everything in between.

Even if you don’t finish first, there’s money to be made. Second and third-place finishers get a $750 bonus, $500 will go to fourth and fifth, and the prize money continues to dwindle until 20th place.

Everygame has a public leaderboard on-site which ranks the top-20 contestants at the moment. Currently, a fella named Michael R. is leading the way. If you want to catch Michael, we suggest jumping on this soon and getting those profits up. Plenty of time remains in the NBA season to make a move.

Refer Friends To Everygame For Consistent Free Play

Most refer-a-friend bonuses at online bookmakers pay you upfront ONCE. Not Everygame, however. This site will instead pay you a percentage of who you referred to the platform bet on — and they’ll pay you this on a monthly basis (if they keep betting). In other words, it’s re-occurring revenue. The percentage paid out varies, but it can reach as much as 25 percent.

This is how affiliate marketers are paid, and it’s where the big bucks are made. Everygame allows regular bettors to get in on it too even if they don’t know what affiliate marketing is. If you’re social, this deal is where the most money can be made long-term.

That just about covers it in terms of Everygame bonuses. However, free-play deals is only the tip of the iceberg. You’re going to want to read our full Everygame review to get the full scoop on using the platform. It’s packed to the brim with info on the user experience, customer service, betting menu quality, and so much more!

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