Best Ways To Bet On MyBookie For Free In December

Who doesn’t like free betting — especially during the holiday months when your wallet is probably being stretched with gift-buying? Welp, you’ll be happy to know MyBookie is handing out free money by the hundreds and thousands of dollars. You’re going to want to keep on reading to get the best MyBookie bonuses for December 2023.

50% up to $1,000
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Free Play On Every Single Sportsbook Deposit For Life

MyBookie is a full-service betting site, as we’ll get to shortly. But if we’re being honest, its biggest allure is the sportsbook — hence the name MyBookie. Especially this time of the year, when the NFL, college football, NBA, and soccer are all in full force, the sportsbook gets extra busy. Sports bettors will be happy to know they’re eligible for free play every time they insert money into MyBookie. Every time!

It starts with the lucrative sign-up bonus. Look, every single major online sportsbook offers one of these and they, more or less, all function the same: create a playing account then deposit money into it. Whatever you deposit is matched in free play up to a certain percentage by the betting site. This is how it works at MyBookie, but here’s the thing, the dollar value of this deal at MyBookie is quite high.

New bettors can win as much as $1000 in free play from the welcome deal. MyBookie will match the first deposit at a 50 percent rate. Therefore, to get the max reward, a bettor would need to find their account with $2000 off the bat — not a small amount, but surely worth it to get four figures back for free.

One thing we’ll say about the welcome promo is money earned has to stay in the sportsbook until the rollover requirement is met. This rollover rate is 10X. So whatever your playing account starts at (your deposit and bonus combined) has to be gambled 10 times over in sports to meet the requirement. It’s hefty, but a normal part of the industry. The sites want you to have “skin in the game” and not just free-load off its deals.

Once this sign-up deal is exhausted, bettors can fall back on MyBookie’s reload bonus. This one isn’t a one-size-fits-all promo like the sign-up offer. It’s a tiered bonus, which means there will be variance from player to player. But to give you an idea of possibilities, at its very best, the reload bonus can reach as much as $1250 in free play — on a single use. But here’s the best part about the reload bonus, it can be used unlimited times so the long-term value is enormous for repeat bettors.

Be sure you’re using promo codes when redeeming these offers, however, as they don’t work automatically. The sign-up bonus works with code MYB50, while SPORTSRELOAD goes with the reload deal.

50% up to $1,000
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More Than Just Sports Bonuses

We said MyBookie is a full-service betting site and we weren’t kidding. Outside of just sports, the site offers a stacked casino and racebook for horse racing. Better yet, there are promotional deals here that are worth a pretty penny.

Let’s start in the casino where the free play earnings can get REALLY good. Here again, there’s a welcome bonus. It’s worth a max of $750 in free play — lower than the sportsbook, but actually richer in value. How so, you ask? Because the match percentage is 150 percent. That’s the definition of “bang for your buck” because as little as a $500 deposit can maximize the bonus.

The casino reload bonus offers a similar bargain. If you re-up the casino account over the weekends, bettors get a 200 percent match and up to $500 in free play. It can only be redeemed once per weekend, but boy, is that again killer value.

The casino also has daily deals. We could write an entire article on this cause there’s so much to cover. We won’t for time’s sake, but just know there are rebate programs, free spins on slot machines, and free table-game tournaments all available. All this alone is worth giving the MyBookie casino a spin (literally) when sports betting is slow.

Last but not least, there’s an eight percent rebate on horse betting. This applies to net losses only — if you’re profitable, there’s no rebate. The refund is applied daily and automatically. That’s not a nice safety net in case you go cold betting on horses, which is probably inevitable.

50% up to $1,000
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Being Buddies To MyBookie For $200

What’s better than making free play and betting online? Doing that with friends. Welp, you’re incentivized to do just that with the MyBookie refer-a-friend bonus. Whatever this referral first deposits into MyBookie, you’ll receive a 200 percent match for as much as $200. This deal can be re-used over and over with different friends too.

Mind you, your friends are also eligible for all the previous deals we mentioned. So in the end, it becomes a win-win proposition for everyone involved. Everybody gets free play to gamble with!

MyBookie doesn’t play games with its promotions as you can tell. However, this mentality applies site-wide. You’ll want to read our newest MyBookie review to get an idea of what we’re talking about. Believe us, MyBookie is an industry leader for more than just its bonuses.

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