Best Ways To Cash Out With MyBookie Offers In August

The online sportsbook market is rife with competition — which has its pros and cons. The con is, well, it can be daunting to pick a sportsbook to use with so many different options out there. The pros, though, are that bookies outdo themselves when it comes to features and promotions. That’s to the benefit of bettors who can cash in big (if they know what they’re doing). This is the case at MyBookie right now. As you’re about to find out, August is loaded with rich opportunities on MyBookie.

50% up to $1,000
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Sports Deposits Pay Back For Life

First things first, sports bettors at MyBookie are guaranteed free play every single time they deposit money into the platform. Yes, every single time, and for life. This is thanks to the sign-up and reload bonuses offered.

Let’s begin with the trusty sign-up bonus. If you’ve ever gambled online, you know how these work: new sign-ups earn a percentage of their first deposit back in free play. At MyBookie, newcomers are looking at a 100-percent match for $1000. Essentially, it’s a buy-one-get-one-free type deal.

But what happens once that money is exhausted? Welp, that’s where the reload bonus picks up the slack. On every subsequent deposit into the sportsbook, players receive a 25-percent match up to $1000. The “bang for the buck” isn’t as great here, but the reload bonus has lasting value. For bettors that wager consistently, the earnings are almost limitless.

These two offers come at a great time. We’re weeks away from football being back — first the college game then NFL. This is the most bet-on time of the year, and with these two promos, you’ll have ample money to tackle the opportunities ahead. Seriously, the free-play bonus alone could bankroll your bets for a while. We’d jump on that deal right around when the first regular season games kick off.

50% up to $1,000
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Cash-Out Early Feature Now Available

This is not an offer, this is actually a brand-new feature that was just rolled out. It’s no free money either, but it sure is guaranteed money if played right. Enter MyBookie’s cash-out feature.

This feature is available on some sites, but not others. It’s really a hit or miss. However, MyBookie has just introduced it across its sports betting platform. Cash-out, as the name implies, allows bettors to cash in a betting ticket early — before the outcome is officially decided (but even if the game has already begun). This locks in money returned in some capacity.

There are many ways where cash-out comes in handy. Perhaps most of all is during a parlay. How many times have you lost on the final leg? With cash-out, you could take winnings earned up to a certain point before any heartbreak happens. So say you’ve hit three out of four, you can cash out and disregard the final leg — at a reduced payout, of course.

You can also cash out during singles games, though. Say it’s halftime and you’re not liking how a team is playing. Don’t risk it and take some money back with you. This feature is super versatile so it’s really on bettors to make the best use of it. Like we said, it’s available sportsbook-wide (except on in-play bets) on MyBookie so players have options.

50% up to $1,000
Bet now

MyBookie’s Improved Casino Offering

Sports make up the bulk of MyBookie’s betting action, but we can’t overlook the site’s casino section either. It’s jam-packed with games, mostly slots but classic card games too. It was great as is, but things have gotten better thanks to recent upgrades.

First of all, MyBookie announced that at least one new casino game will be added on-site each and every month. Not only that, but new game providers have already been mixed in. For instance, there are now three different live dealer options — TVbet, Freshdeck, and VIG.

Table-game players can now also join big-money tournaments. Roulette and blackjack tourneys are now commonplace with as much as $50,000 prizes available in the blackjack events.

This one’s a spoiler but look out for a new Lotto page set to hit the site around September. MyBookie has pre-announced it, saying the page will feature 20 brand-new games. As you can see, there’s a real commitment from the betting site to constantly improving its platform, which is what you want out of a bookmaker (no stagnant behavior).

If that wasn’t good enough, there’s also special promos every other day. Here they are at a glance:

  • Monday Rebate: 10% bask on casino losses from the previous week up to $100 (automatically credited to account)
  • Free Spin Wednesday: 50 free spins with a minimum $50 deposit
  • Casino Weekend Bonus: 200% match on casino deposits up to $500 on free play

We covered a whole lot about MyBookie in this article. For those wanting to know more, even beyond its promos, then read our latest MyBookie review. It’s a one-stop shop for all things MyBookie and a perfect starting point BEFORE signing up and gambling on-site.

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