Cash In On MyBookie’s Best Offers For Fall 2023

MyBookie has carved out a name for itself in the online sportsbook marketplace — an impressive feat given how competitive the industry is. How MyBookie has managed to stand out is by continually improving its promotional offers and site features. The platform is allergic to staying the same, and that’s a good thing. In this article, we’ll detail the best MyBookie bonuses worth knowing in October and November 2023. These bonuses are worth a pretty penny so stick with us.

50% up to $1,000
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Free Play For Sports For Life

There are non-stop betting opportunities right now. Football, soccer, fighting, basketball, baseball, hockey — it’s all ongoing. These opportunities are great if your wallet isn’t stretched for cash. But even if it is, there’s an easy out and that’s MyBookie bonuses. In the sportsbook, they’re offering free play on every single deposit. Every single one!

For starters, there’s a big-money sign-up bonus. As the name hints, this is for new sign-ups only, and what a deal it is. Whatever that newbie deposits will be matched dollar for dollar, or 100 percent. That bonus is matched up to $1000 in free play. Just be sure to use promo code MYB50 when inserting the money.

The one drawback about the sign-up bonus is, well, it’s only for new sign-ups. That and it’s only redeemable a single time. What happens after? Is the free play finished? Nope because MyBookie has a reload bonus to pick up the slack. This deal applies to any deposit and goes for as much as 50 percent and $1250 in free play. It’s a tiered program so not everyone gets 50 percent from the jump, but that number is possible.

There are no real “strings attached” to the deals, sans the rollover requirement — but all bookies have this, not just MyBookie. What a rollover means is the amount of money you have to bet based on what you deposited plus the free play earned from it. It’s a 10X rollover on the sign-up bonus, while the sign-up has various rollovers (based on the tier again). Free earnings can’t be withdrawn until this rollover is met.

50% up to $1,000
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Get Ready For Thanksgiving SuperContest

MyBookie is well-known for its NFL SuperContest. This is a season-long picks contest that goes for an eye-popping $250,000 in prize money. The issue is, if you’re barely hearing about it, you’ve missed out on half the season by now. There’s no way you’re catching up to contestants that started from Week 1.

But hey, you’re in luck because every so often MyBookie runs this contest but for a single week only. Thanksgiving, or Week 12, is the next shot at this. The rules are simple: pick the against-the-spread winner of five games of your choosing that week. A correct pick gets you a full point, a push is worth half a point. Get the most points that single week and it’s a $20,000 winner-take-all award. If there are multiple winners, that total is split evenly.

To join the contest, users must pay $10. That’s a small price for a potential hefty payout. The next single week SuperContest isn’t until Week 16 so we wouldn’t let this opportunity slip by if we were you unless you hate making gobs of money that is.

50% up to $1,000
Bet now

New Features Update Betting Experience

All right, these are site features — not promotions per se. However, they could make and save you loads of money so it felt right to include them in this article. MyBookie made a number of upgrades to its site, but these ones are the most significant.

The first is a cash-out feature. Some sportsbooks offer this, but most don’t. What cash out does is it allows bettors to call a bet off — before it’s officially settled. This feature has a number of use cases, but we’ll call out two as an example. Say you made an NFL wager mid-week, then the day after, a star player was injured. With cash out, you get back most of what you risked instead of having to swear out the bet.

Here’s another perfect example — a parlay. Say you’ve hit two out of three legs. Maybe your last leg isn’t looking good and the team you bet on is off to a rough start. Cash out allows you to take reduced profit rather than risk having your heart broken by this final leg. You can use cash out to your advantage in a number of ways, but that’s just an appetizer on how.

Another improved feature at MyBookie is bet settlements. The time you have to wait for a bet to settle has been chopped considerably. So that means any money barely won ends up in your playing account almost immediately, allowing you to bet it back and win more wagers.

Want to learn about even more MyBookie features? Then you HAVE to read our newest MyBookie review. It’s loaded with information about using the site from top to bottom so don’t miss out if you’re interested has been piqued by these killer offers available.

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