XBet’s Top Deals To Gets You Ready For Football Betting

There’s no better time to bet on sports than during the Fall when football season is in full swing, and then both NBA and NHL return. Dare we say one of the popular online sportsbooks to chase all these bets is at XBet? Yeah, we think so. We’ve picked out our favorite XBet deals available this August and into September to prove it to you. Thousands of dollars are on the line with these so stuck with us.

50% up to $500
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Deposit Cash To Get Paid Back Sports Free Play

Alright, this is the most straightforward forward “play” to make. Literally, any time you deposit money into the XBet sportsbook, you’ll receive a portion of that deposit right back in free play. ANY TIME! And players are free to spend that free play on any sport — whether it’s football, fighting, or anything else going on in the Fall.

Let’s begin with the reliable sign-up bonus. This will be the most lucrative deal upfront (more on this soon). The offer is exclusively for new sign-ups, hence the name. Xbet will match 50 percent of a new player’s initial deposit up to $500. So to max out the deal and get the full amount, a user needs to insert $1000 off the bat.

Here’s the one caveat we’ll mention: the money has to stay in the sportsbook. Don’t get any ideas of a “free money glitch” by doing this and running off with the free funds. XBet puts a 7X rollover requirement before withdrawals are available. So that means you have to bet your starting account (what you deposited plus the bonus) seven times over first. It’s only until you’ve done so that money can be taken out of the site and to your bank, for instance.

The sign-up bonus is for newbies only. However, returning players can leverage the reload bonus. The best part? There’s no limit to how many different times the reload bonus is used. None. This reload deal goes for 25 percent and $250. Both numbers are half of the sign-up bonus, but because the the ability to redeem on every single deposit, this offer ends up being more lucrative long term.

Combining the sign-up and reload bonuses is a sure-fire way to bolster the betting account with no real extra effort. There are a lot of betting chances over the next few months, and with these bonuses, there’s little excuse about “not having money.”

50% up to $500
Bet now

Survive NFL Season To Win Ten Grand

Betting NFL games straight up is fun, however, contests are a perfect way to mix up the betting action. Not only that, but they’re far more lucrative options too. Case in point XBet’s $10,000 NFL survivor contest.

For those not in the know, survivor pools are incredibly popular in the world of the NFL. It’s a game that has to be played year-round. Contestants have to pick one team every week that “survives” their game, or wins in other words. You must do this every single week without getting one pick wrong AND not re-using the same team twice. If you can successfully survive 18 weeks, then you win XBet’s $10,000 prize pool.

However, there is a chance the contest ends early. Whoever is the left player standing wins at that very moment. So it could be Week 13, but if only one player is still standing, then the contest mercifully ends right then and there. In the event that there’s more than one survivor until the very end, the prize will be split up evenly too.

Entries to the XBet survivor pool go for $10. A single player can fill out as many as 10 different entries if they’d like — at $10 a piece, that’s $100 total. Registration is fast approaching with Week 1 being September 12. All entries have to be bought by then because registration closes once Week 1 games get underway.

50% up to $500
Bet now

Casino Deals Are Moat Bang For Your Buck

We’ve spent this whole article hyping up the XBet sportsbook — as we should since it’s great and all. However, there’s also a fully dedicated casino inside the betting site. It’s loaded to the brim with games, from virtual slots to table games. What’s more, the casino has its own unique offerings that are actually the most value-rich of all.

The casino first deposit bonus is essentially like the sign-up bonus in that it’s a one-and-done deal worth $500 max. However, the difference is the casino deal has a match percentage of 50 — four times better than the sign-up. That means your dollar goes further with this promo. As little as $250 is required to max out the promo.

We should mention that players can leverage BOTH the sign-up and casino first-deposit bonus. There’s no need to pick between one or the other. You’re looking at a $1000 combined value when you “double up.”

Lastly, let’s talk about the casino reload bonuses. And yes, I said “bonuses” because there’s more than one available. The distinction between the two lies in the day you decide to deposit funds into Xbet.

If your deposit falls between Monday and Thursday, you’re in for a treat: players receive a 50 percent match up to $500. But the real game-changer is depositing over the weekend. Deposits made from Friday to Sunday are matched dollar-for-dollar with a maximum award of $1000. That’s a HUGE difference which makes weekend deposits almost mandatory unless you hate free money.

That does it for XBet bonuses. Not that there’s not more available, however, the three mentioned above will cover it for most bettors. Our newest XBet review has extra details about using the betting site for those interested in learning the non-promotional side of things.

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