Online Sports Betting in Delaware Remains in Limbo

When it comes to Delaware sports betting news, people have been thrilled about how things have gone since 2018. However, the one thing holding the state back from posting some truly eye-opening numbers has been that mobile options still aren’t on the table. This is something officials are hoping to change in the near future. The bad news here, though, is that online sports betting in Delaware remains in limbo.

Earlier this year, the hope was that online sportsbooks, including the reliable Bovada review, would be available for sports fans in the state to check out by the end of the summer. This would have been key for the state, as getting online options all set for the start of the college football and NFL campaign would bring in a promising sports betting handle. However, nothing was able to get finalized on time.

Now, officials are still working to get things across the line by late December or early January. No one knows if things will get done by then, but the hope is that early January will be the target date for online betting. If that were to happen, then people would be able to check the NFL betting odds and place online wagers for the end of the regular season. This of course would mean that postseason wagers would get done too.

Right now, people can only make their way to only a handful of authorized in-person sportsbooks, but folks have been eyeing online bets for quite some time. Only time will tell if things get done within the next month or so. It will be interesting to see how things shape out, but Delaware getting online betting posted would create great numbers. Football fans would love that news coming in as well.

Delaware posted an impressive handle for October

Despite the uncertainty around online options, keep in mind that Delaware posted an impressive handle for October. According to a report, Delaware was able to post $10.7 million for its betting handle, which was a large increase from what we saw in September, while it was also a sharp improvement from a year-over-year perspective. While $10 million doesn’t seem like a lot, Delaware is one of the smaller states in the USA.

With the strong numbers for October, we have a feeling that things are going to keep on rocking for the rest of the fall and then also stay high for the winter. It goes without saying, but NFL betting has been a big reason for the strong stats we’ve seen of late. Delaware doesn’t have any professional teams, but people in the area are going to keep a close eye on teams in the NFC East, especially the Philadelphia Eagles.

The Eagles have a huge following in Delaware and their 9-1 start to the season has everyone talking. On Monday night, Philly was able to get some revenge on the Kansas City Chiefs, the team they lost to in the 2022 Super Bowl. Quarterback Jalen Hurts only tossed for 150 yards, but he had two rushing touchdowns to help the Eagles post a 21-17 victory. People in Pennsylvania celebrated that victory, as did a lot of folks in Delaware.

Thanks to the strong play of Hurts, AJ Brown, D’Andre Swift and others, the Eagles hold the best Super Bowl betting odds entering the weekend. There’s no doubt in our minds that the Eagles will be able to hold off the Dallas Cowboys to win the NFC East and then they should go on to make a ton of noise in the playoffs. Will it lead to a return trip to the Super Bowl? We’ll find out soon enough, but the Eagles have a great chance of doing so.

When will we find out about an online betting launch?

When will we find out about an online betting launch? That’s what a lot of sports fans in Delaware have on their minds, but things are pretty unclear at this point. With that said, recent reports suggest that the discussions are down to the one-yard line to put it in football terms, which tells you that things are quite close to getting done.

However, there have been reports of some sportsbooks not being totally on board with the different propositions they’ve been presented with. This feels like a bit of a bummer, but promising news should be on the way, we hope, in the next few weeks. There’s no question that mobile options would be incredible for people in Delaware.

They’ve been dreaming of the day when they can make legal sports bets from the comfort of their own home on their phone. The days of having to get in a car and drive to a sportsbook to put money down could be ending soon. Yes, people could still travel to a sportsbook, but the convenience of mobile options will make life a lot easier for plenty of fans in the region. We’re hopeful that people in Delaware will have the ability to do this by early January.

Peter Lewis

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