Las Vegas Grand Prix Brought in Massive Sports Betting Numbers

With the popularity of Formula 1 racing across the world, you just had a feeling that major Las Vegas sports betting updates would be coming when it was announced that a race would be making its way to Sin City. That’s exactly what happened last weekend, with Las Vegas hosting an F1 race and people loving every minute of it. To no one’s surprise, the Las Vegas Grand Prix brought in massive sports betting numbers.

While the official numbers haven’t been finalized, numerous sportsbooks reported that wagers north of $100,000 were being recorded on the day of the race, while some other head-turning figures were recorded as well. The Las Vegas Grand Prix was a home run for sports betting, while it also provided an economic boost for the city, as people traveled in to catch the action live. In the end, Max Verstappen came out on top.

After his win, Verstappen was seen celebrating at a Las Vegas nightclub. This is great publicity for the city. With how great everything went, officials are hopeful that even more sports betting will arrive for the next race that Las Vegas hosts, but that wagers will increase overall too. In the United States, F1 is really starting to catch fire, with folks becoming huge fans of the racing. It’s only going to help if more events take place in Las Vegas and other major cities in the future.

Las Vegas is known as the sports betting capital of the world, so it only makes sense for Verstappen and some of the other best drivers out there to showcase their stuff once a year there. Only time will tell when the next F1 event will be held in Vegas, but there’s no question that the sports betting numbers will be through the roof. There’s massive F1 betting potential for the city moving forward.

Las Vegas is already getting ready for the Super Bowl

In other sports betting news, the calendar may read November, but Las Vegas is already getting ready for the Super Bowl in February. In case you missed the news, this year’s game with the Lombardi Trophy on the line will take place at Allegiant Stadium in Vegas. Through the week of the Super Bowl, the place is expected to be packed with star players, celebrities, TV personalities and more.

It goes without saying, but people aren’t going to waste much time in making their way to the strip to place wagers on the big game. While we’re still waiting to see who will move on, there are several teams who hold strong Super Bowl betting odds. The list includes the Baltimore Ravens and the Philadelphia Eagles. The Eagles have a ton of confidence right now, as they’re 9-1 on the year and they just took down the Kansas City Chiefs on Monday night.

The Ravens are 8-3 and they currently hold the No. 1 seed in the AFC. Out of all the AFC teams, they actually hold the best NFL betting odds to reach the Super Bowl. In the AFC Championship Game, the hope is that the Ravens and Chiefs will meet. That would pin Lamar Jackson against Patrick Mahomes. These are two of the best quarterbacks in the game. The ratings for that contest would be epic.

With there being so much buzz surrounding Vegas for the Super Bowl, the expectation is that history will be made from a sports betting standpoint. We’re still a few months away from the big game getting here, but countless bets are already being placed on who might come out on top. The action is only going to heat up even more once late January and early February get here. We can’t wait to see which two teams move on to play for the glory.

MLB Betting is going to be massive in Las Vegas with the A’s move confirmed

While a lot of people are focused on the Super Bowl, don’t forget that MLB betting is going to be massive in Las Vegas with the A’s move confirmed. Earlier this month, the relocation from Oakland to Las Vegas was approved by the MLB owners. However, it’s unknown when the team will be making the move, as the lease at the current A’s Stadium doesn’t end until after the 2024 season.

Las Vegas is already working on getting a new stadium built for the club, but that project isn’t expected to be done until around 2027. Because of that, there are still some finishing touches that need to be recorded for this to get done. However, the move is going to end up happening and we expect a spike in MLB betting starting next season.

With the addition of the A’s down the road, it will give Sin City pro teams in the WNBA, NHL, NFL and MLB. It wasn’t that long ago that there were no professional squads in the city, but that’s no longer the case. Now, people are going to be waiting for an NBA team to arrive, which could happen via an expansion in the next couple of years.

Peter Lewis

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