Vegas MLB Betting Should Skyrocket With the A’s Relocation

We don’t have to tell you that Las Vegas sports betting news is always going to be great year-round. It’s widely known as the sports betting capital of the world. Now, though, even better updates will be on the way, as it was revealed that the Oakland Athletics will officially be making the move from the Bay Area to Sin City. That’s right, the pro game is headed to the area and Vegas MLB betting should skyrocket with the A’s relocation coming soon.

While a set date hasn’t been confirmed yet, people all over town can’t wait for the Athletics to make their way over. Not long ago, there were no pro teams in Las Vegas. Now, though, we have the WNBA, NHL, NFL and now the MLB will also be joining the club. This only makes things all the more better for fans in the city and also all over the state. It’s also going to give people even more of a reason to visit.

As things stand, baseball betting is high as it is, as people in the city always have a ton of fun watching some of the best stars do their thing. With the location, the American League is quite popular with people in Nevada. With there being so much speculation about this potential move for the Oakland franchise, people have been following the club and the other AL West sides closely too.

Although the A’s won’t be in Vegas for the 2024 campaign, that doesn’t mean that MLB betting would be a major topic of conversation for locals. The Astros and Rangers will be the two favorites to win the AL West. With Texas, they’re the reigning World Series champions and expectations are going to be high for them in ’24. Oakland has struggled, but there’s a lot of excitement surrounding the team thanks to the move down the road to Vegas.

Vegas officials are already getting ready for the Super Bowl 

While there’s plenty of excitement for Major League Baseball action sooner rather than later, Vegas officials are already getting ready for the Super Bowl. As most of you already know by now, the big game will be played at Allegiant Stadium in Vegas. Because of this, officials think that this will be a record-breaking Super Bowl betting season for the city and state. It’s hard to argue with that logic, as countless people will be making their way over.

Over the years, Las Vegas has always been one of the most popular tourist attractions for Super Bowl week. Even when the game is played in a different city, football fans head to town for the entire week and they also place a ton of money on the game. Now that Allegiant Stadium will play host to things, the city is going to be packed and an insane amount of money will be wagered.

As of this writing, the Chiefs, Eagles, Ravens, 49ers and others are considered the Super Bowl betting favorites. From our chair, it seems like San Francisco could be the No. 1 choice, as they’re coming off an incredible win over the Eagles in Philly last weekend. In that victory, Brock Purdy proved why he’s an MVP candidate, while Deebo Samuel reminded everyone of how incredible he is with the ball in his hands.

The Miami Dolphins are another team that lot of people think could make a Super Bowl splash. They’ll be hosting the Miami Dolphins on Monday night, with Tua Tagovailoa and Tyreek Hill ready to put on a show. Tua is having the best season of his career, while Hill is one of the best receivers in the league. Should the Dolphins post a strong win, then it will only boost their Super Bowl betting odds.

NBA relocation is the next goal for Las Vegas

Another addition that will be massive for the city is that NBA relocation is the next goal for Las Vegas. As things stand, there’s plenty of hype that Vegas could be getting an expansion team soon – it all depends on how things go with the new TV rights deal. We very well could end up seeing two new teams being added to the league.

Las Vegas has been getting a lot of buzz and so has Seattle. The Emerald City used to have the SuperSonics, but the team was sold to Clay Bennett and he ended up moving the organization to Oklahoma City. Now, though, Seattle is hopeful of getting a new team as well. For Vegas, people can’t wait for more news to come in.

The NBA Summer League is in Vegas and there are always massive crowds on hand. Can you imagine what things would be like if a pro team arrived? Lawmakers know the potential for a team to have success, while it would be crucial from a sports betting angle as well. We should find out soon enough if this ends up happening or not. Fans have a lot of reasons to be optimistic, though.

Peter Lewis

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