Ohio Sports Betting Numbers Amazingly Topped $1 billion for January

This is the kind of update for Ohio sports betting that lawmakers and officials were hoping for. When things were officially launched on Jan. 1 of this year, there were incredibly high hopes for sports betting in the state, especially with the NFL postseason and the Super Bowl right around the corner. However, could anyone have predicted this? According to a report, the Ohio sports betting numbers amazingly topped $1 billion for January.

We’re not making that up, folks. In data released by the Ohio Casino Control Commission, a total of $1.11 billion worth of bets were recorded in the state during its debut month. This truly is a number that people probably only could have dreamed of leading up to the first month, but it’s how things were able to go down. This is how you start things off with a complete and total bang.

For months, the lead-up to sports betting in Ohio was through the roof. Not only were kiosks getting set up at local businesses, but people weren’t wasting any time in signing up with sportsbooks so that they’d have the ability to place their online bets as well. At first, there was some concern that mobile betting wouldn’t be an option, as is the case in other states where sports wagers are legal, but officials were able to get that project done too.

With well over 700 locations throughout the state hosting sports betting kiosks, it of course meant that plenty of in-person bets were done by sports fans at these bars and restaurants. Not only that, but mobile betting was also a major win for the state. The ease and flexibility of being able to make a bet from anywhere you’re at is an incredible appeal for folks. Now, people in Ohio are ready to see even more success in the future.

NFL betting was the big winner for Ohio in January

As you probably could have guessed, NFL betting was the big winner for Ohio in January. As we mentioned above, the postseason took place in January, with people consistently checking the NFL betting odds to get their wagers in. For the good people of Ohio, they certainly had their eyes on the Cincinnati Bengals, as Joe Burrow and Co. recorded yet another memorable showing after the regular season wrapped up.

In the playoffs, the Bengals saw their Super Bowl betting odds go up after they recorded one of the biggest upsets of the year: taking down the Buffalo Bills in New York. A lot of people thought that Josh Allen, Stefon Diggs and Co. would go on to the AFC Championship Game to take on the Kansas City Chiefs, but the Bengals had other ideas. It really was a win for the ages. Unfortunately, there was no return trip to the Super Bowl.

That’s because Patrick Mahomes and the Chiefs were able to beat the Bengals on a last-second field goal. Despite that, the betting numbers indeed were sky high and things were even better for the Super Bowl. In that game, the Chiefs took on the Philadelphia Eagles in one of the best games we’ve seen in the past few years. Mahomes vs. Jalen Hurts was the matchup people were hoping for.

A lot of NFL fans bet big on either Mahomes or Hurts to win Super Bowl MVP – Mahomes ended up winning. Regardless of the final result, an epic amount of betting went down for that game in Ohio. Now, people are already getting in futures bets for the 2023 season, with the Bengals not only hoping to make a splash from start to finish, but they’re also hoping to play in the Super Bowl for the second time in three years.

Ohio officials are confident betting will be big for the MLB season

Looking ahead to the spring and summer, Ohio officials are confident betting will be big for the MLB season. When it comes to sports wagers during the Major League Baseball campaign, you already know people in the state are going to have their eyes on the Cincinnati Reds and Cleveland Indians. With the Reds, they’ve endured some tough seasons of late, but there’s plenty of promise for 2023.

As for the Indians, they’re always a threat to win the American League Central and this season should be no different. With a loaded roster, plenty of experts think that Cleveland has what it takes to win the AL Central, and then make some noise in the postseason. There’s no doubt in our minds that people will be checking the MLB betting odds with a passion from when Opening Day arrives.

In terms of the World Series, the Houston Astros and New York Yankees are the two teams with the best odds right now. Houston won it all last year, but the Yankees, among other clubs, are motivated to bring them back down to early later this year. The Yankees re-signed Aaron Judge, but they also made quite the splash by bringing in left-handed starting pitcher Carlos Rodon, who is a fantastic hurler.

Chris Boline

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