NFL Picks At BetNow Can Win You $10,000 Each Week

NFL season is prime time to make massive amounts of free money from sportsbook bonuses. Many sites are dangling deals in front of bettors right now, but the offers available at BetNow should be top of mind for you — whether you’re a casual gambler or a high roller. Allow us to explain below because we’ve hand-picked the very best promos available at BetNow in September and each remaining week of the NFL season.

100% up to $450 in free bets
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Win $10,000 A Week At BetNow Picking NFL Games

BetNow has one of the richest-prized NFL contests in the entire online sportsbook marketplace. Not only that, but the prizes are weekly — not just a grand prize at the end. They’re calling it “King of the Hill”, an apt name. The name of the game is simple: pick winners of every single NFL game. Every week. All year long. Whoever has the most picks correctly collects a piece of the price.

What we like most about BetNow’s contest are the weekly prizes. Look, pick ‘em contests are nothing new in the industry. But most are ONLY season-long, which can get frustrating for users with more urgency. That’s why we laud BetNow for offering a whopping $10,000 prize week in, and week out. That’s what awaits anyone who can go undefeated in picks for a single week.

Yes, going 16-0 (or maybe 14-0 if it’s a bye week) isn’t exactly easy. But you should know, that picks are moneyline only — not spreads or over/unders. That makes it more manageable whilst picking. And in the event no one goes perfect, consolation prizes are available to the top-20 pickers. It’s not ten grand, but it’s still something for near perfection.

That’s the weekly contest, but there is a season-long contest too. The same exact rules apply, only points are tallied from Week 1 to Week 18 — not postseason. The grand prize for the year-long contest is $20,000. In the event two players tie points-wise here, the deciding tiebreaker will be guessing the score of the final Sunday Night Game or the year. Here again, there are consolation awards for those who finish in the top 30 at the end of the year. A cool $30,000 will be shared between those folks.

If you’re reading this, we’re at least two weeks into the NFL season already. We’d urge you to jump into this picks contest right away. The season-long prize is likely dead and gone for you — unless you have insane prediction skills to catch up — but that weekly sum is very much attainable. And for your information, only one entry per player. Get to it after you finish reading this article!

100% up to $450 in free bets
Bet now

Upfront Free Play Is Great To Build Bankroll

What if you’re not confident in picking an entire week of NFL games with 100-percent accuracy? Welp, there are other free play options at BetNow — many of which can be earned almost automatically. These are what we call the “classic” promos, and that’s the sign-up and reload bonuses.

Let’s talk about the welcome deal. No matter what online bookies you’re on, this will likely be the most worthwhile deal in the short term. That’s definitely the case at BetNow. New players of the site will have their first deposit matched dollar for dollar (100 percent) up to $300. Admittedly, that sum is lower than many competitors, but there is one noteworthy addition: BetNow will throw in an extra 50-percent free play on NFL futures (e.g., who wins the Super Bowl or MVP, for example). This add-on is capped at $150.

And then there’s the reload bonus. Rather than offer one flat offer, BetNow serves up three different options here. Here’s each bonus at a glance:

  • 15% match up to $500 (3X sportsbook rollover, 15X casino)
  • 20% match up to $500 (4X sportsbook rollover, 20X casino)
  • 25% match up to $500 (5X sportsbook rollover, 25X casino)

As a bettor, all you could really ask for is choice — on what to bet and what bonuses to cash in. That’s why we give props to BetNow for the options in the reload bonus department because it’s not common at most bookmakers.

100% up to $450 in free bets
Bet now

Loyalty Program Is For Longterm NFL Bettors

Loyalty programs are not all that common in the online space, but you’ll find one on BetNow. This is a must-know for bettors that are in it for the long haul — not only the entire 2022 NFL season but the years after and other sports too. For those that bet enough volume over a lengthy period, the rewards from the loyalty program will outdo traditional bonuses such as the sign-up.

Like any other loyalty program, BetNow’s works pretty similarly: you bet, you earn points. The more you bet, the more you earn. Certain bets are worth more — for example, $1 risked on sports teasers is worth 3X points than the same dollar on a straight sports wager. Racked-up points can be exchanged for goodies, namely cashback, and that’s where the true value accrues.

If you want more information about BetNow as a whole, we encourage you to check out our latest BetNow review. It’s packed with information about the site’s features beyond bonuses, including pros and cons, banking methods, and customer service, among others.

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